First Things To Do With A New iPad

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 28th Nov 2018

You’ve just removed your Apple iPad from its box. Congratulations! what? If you are a little unsure about getting your iPad up and running, don’t worry. In today’s blog post, we are going to walk you through the process of setting up your iPad, learning essential features, and having an all-around enjoyable experience.Secure Your iPad When you first open your iPad, you’ll be greeted with hellos in a variety of languages. First, select your preferred language. Before you jump into games
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How To Use An iPad As A Second Monitor

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 26th Nov 2018

If you have a small laptop, you may find yourself yearning for more screen. Whether you are working, gaming, or just browsing, having dual screens can double your screen real estate. But what if you don’t have another screen? Can you use your iPad as a second monitor? Yes, you sure can! In fact, because this connection is software-based, using an iPad as a second screen may offer more benefits than a traditional monitor. These apps support things like touch, gestures, pressure sensitivity, Apple
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What To Do When Your iPad Won’t Charge

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 23rd Nov 2018

You sit down after a hard day at work. You get your iPad but see that its battery is dead. You plug it in...but nothing happens. No power. Maybe it shows that it’s not charging or maybe it doesn’t even recognize that it’s been plugged in. Either way, it’s a bad feeling, and in today’s blog post, we are going to share with you a few troubleshooting ideas to get your iPad juiced back up.Try Another Cable & Box One of the first things you should try is to see if your cable or wall adapter is da
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Tips To Enhance Your iPad Battery

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 19th Nov 2018

Out of the box, the iPad offers excellent battery life. But over time, this great battery life begins to fade. This is, unfortunately, the natural progression of a battery. Be that as it may, this doesn’t mean that you are completely powerless when it comes to your battery’s aging. Below are some tips on how to conserve your iPad’s battery life.Lower Screen BrightnessReducing your screen’s brightness is one of the key ways to preserve battery life. No matter how you use your tablet, this adjustm
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The Best iPad Freebies

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 14th Nov 2018

Did you know that just by owning an iPad you have access to all sorts of free stuff? And we’re not just talking about free apps. In today’s blog post, ZUGU CASE would like to share with you some of the amazing (and free!) benefits of owning an Apple iPad.Apple Freebies Straight out of the box, your iPad comes with a bunch of free apps. Despite their awesome potential, not everyone gets to know these apps and, consequently, reap the vast benefits of these apps. Some of Apple’s best and most recen
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