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13 Of The Best Uses For Your iPad

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 3rd Sep 2018

 13 Of The Best Uses For Your iPad

As makers of high-quality iPad cases, we love iPads. Their powerful, portable, versatile, and seem to have endless applications. Not sure whether an iPad is right for you? Check out this blog post for some of the most common uses of the iPad. You may be surprised by how many great uses there are!

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First things first, and by that we mean, let’s start with the most obvious iPad use — surfing the web. Whether you are wanting to catch up on the news, read some articles, or get lost in a web of Wikipedia articles, the iPad makes web browsing effortless.

Social Media

Your iPad is a great way to stay in touch with all of your friends and family. Whether you are checking your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feed, tablets streamline social media. However, beware. Social media addiction is becoming a very real problem. Be sure to supplement your social media usage with some genuine human interaction. And remember, be kind on social media; we’re all more alike than we are different. Okay, we’ll hop off our soapbox now.


The ability to read eBooks is certainly not anything new. This tried-and-true feature is the reason many people get iPads. It allows you to access thousands of books from one small tablet. Whether you are on a plane or in bed, the iPad can be your favorite book.

Rocking Out

We all know that the iPad is a reliable source for tunes. With music streaming services, this has never been truer. On top of putting all the music at your fingertips, the iPad also comes equipped with great speakers, and it is Bluetooth compatible, which means you can use it with your wireless headphones, television sound bars, and more.


It seems that with each new iPad, the ability to game gets better and better. Given this, it comes as no surprise that the most recent iPads are equipped with a new graphics engine, making gaming even better than before. They even support augmented reality games. 


Tired of cable? Tired of having to watch your favorite shows and movies on the TV? Your iPad can replace your premium channels and give you the freedom to watch shows via all of your favorite streaming services — Netflix, Hulu, HBO — from nearly anywhere. 


Not only can the iPad take an amazing photo, but it can just as easily give you the tools to edit that photo. Apple’s built-in editing feature enables users to crop photos, brighten colors, add filters, and more. In addition, a stock iPad also does a great job of taking and editing videos, and with the addition of the iMovie app, provides a range of fun filters and themes to create some surprisingly awesome videos.


The use of iPads in the business sector seems to be constantly expanding. From its presentation assistance to its scanning capabilities, it can be quite helpful. But perhaps the most pervasive and beneficial use is its function as a point-of-sale device. There are a number of great apps and service providers that will allow you to receive credit card payments through your iPad, which is a great feature for small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs.

Second Monitor

Apps like Duet Display and Air Display allow you to use your iPad as a second screen for your laptop or desktop. These apps work seamlessly with your computer, and it will seem as though you have an extra monitor connected to your main computer.

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Kitchen Assistant

While you shouldn’t expect your tablet to transform into some Jetson’s-like gizmo that does all the cooking, it can be a mighty handy helper in the kitchen. In addition to all the various recipe apps, like Epicurious, you can also play step-by-step-recipe videos. On that note, with the wealth of YouTube tutorials available, your iPad can also serve as an assistant in the garden, garage, and virtually anywhere else around house.

Phone Replacement

One great feature of the iPad is that it allows you to use iMessage to send and receive text messages. On top of this, there are also a number of apps that give you texting and calling abilities, and if you have an iPhone, you can use your iPad to make and receive calls.


Enjoy learning? Want to learn something new? The iPad can facilitate a number of great learning opportunities. Not only are there countless educational apps, but you can also access and engage with content from leading educational organizations, like the Khan Academy — an organization that provides free online education for courses from K-12 to college.

Entertaining Kids

While iPads are not babysitters, they can serve as great entertainment for children of all ages. They can be especially useful on long plane or car rides. You can amuse children with movies, games, educational apps, and other engaging activities. What’s more, Apple has rigorously inspected apps and implemented parental controls to ensure children are consuming age-appropriating material.


Get lost easily and often? Thanks to your assisted-GPS chip, your iPad may be able to save you. For iPads with LTE capabilities, your tablet can serve as a GPS replacement. Couple this with an app that includes turn-by-turn directions, and you’ll be ready to go anywhere. Even if your iPad isn’t an LTE model, you can always download Google Maps, which will give you the aid of a map even while offline.


Traveling is great. However, traveling with loads of luggage and electronics is not so great. It can weigh you down and be an unnecessary stressor. One of the great things about an iPad is that it can serve as a computer replacement when traveling. Depending on your needs, an iPad will likely be able to perform all the computer functions you require. On top of this, when you accessorize your tablet with a protective iPad case, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged, like you would with a computer.

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