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8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Your iPad Could Do

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 29th Aug 2018

 8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Your iPad Could Do

Apple is constantly pushing the boundaries and striving to make each Apple iPad better than the last. With this constant progress, improvements and new features can easily fly under the radar for many users. At ZUGU CASE, we want iPad users to get the absolute most out of their tablets (this is why we have built the best iPad case to protect them. Check out our protective iPad cases here).

Below are some iPad features you may be missing out on:

1. The Virtual Touchpad

If you use your iPad to write and work with words, you’ve likely experienced the common frustration of trying to manipulate a selection box. Precisely placing the cursor using your finger can be harder than it seems. Recently, Apple has improved on this by incorporating a virtual touchpad, which can be activated by pressing two fingers down on the display. After doing this, the keys will disappear and let you move the cursor around the screen with better accuracy and more quickly.

2. Quick App Transition

Perhaps one of the most talked about new features is the iPad’s slide-over and split-screen multitasking abilities. Now, when you close an app, the iPad doesn’t close it completely. It keeps it in memory, allowing you to reopen it with our reloading. This lets you quickly and efficiently jump back and forth between multiple apps. One particularly neat feature of this new addition is its ability to switch between your most recently used apps by simply placing four fingers on the display and moving them from left-to-right or right-to-left. 

3. Voice Dictation

Like taking notes on your tablet, but hate having to type out your notes? Voice dictation provides a solution to this problem. The latest iPads have the best voice-dictation software to date, making note recording as simple as hitting that little microphone to the left of the spacebar and speaking into your phone. While we’re on this subject, don’t forget you can also use Siri to dictate text messages, as well as to open up apps.

4. Magic Wand

Editing photos with your iPad is now easier and more powerful than ever. Better yet, you don’t even need to know that much about photography to improve your photos. Apple does the heavy lifting for you. By simply using the magic wand tool, you can enhance the colors and lighting, making the picture pop off the screen.

5. The Undo Button

Spending time writing out a note or message and then accidentally deleting it can be downright infuriating. If you’ve ever fallen victim to this mistake, you’ve also probably shaken your phone imploring, “why can’t I undo my mistake?” Well, now it does. In most apps that allow you to edit text, you will now have an undo button to the left of the auto-correct suggestions. However, the one caveat is that this feature is not always available. But if you accidentally delete something, be sure to look for the undo button or give your tablet a shake to try and undo your mistake.

6. Lock Orientation

The ability to lock your iPad’s screen orientation isn’t a new addition, but it is something that not everyone knows. This is extremely helpful when you are showing off pictures, watching videos, or rotating your screen. All it takes to lock your screen orientation is to pull up the control panel (this can be done by placing a finger at the bottom edge of your screen and pulling it up) and tap the lock-and-arrow icon.

7. Scan Documents

Okay, the ability to scan docs doesn’t come stock. It’ll cost you a few bucks, but it’s well worth the money if you regularly need to scan documents. Apps like Scanner Pro, for example, allow you to scan documents on the go and with ease. These apps will assist with framing the document, trimming irrelevant parts, and saving the document into your Dropbox.

8. Extensibility

Annoyed by your on-screen keyboard? Try a new one! The extensibility feature allows you to run widgets on your iPad, including different keyboards like Swype — the keyboard that allows you to draw words, instead of tapping each letter individually. Making these changes is as simple as looking up new keyboards, downloading one, and then going into your settings and selecting “Add New Keyboard.”

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