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Business Travel Tips

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 7th Sep 2018

Business Travel Tips

Even for those who love travel, business trips can be stressful. Planning for presentations and meetings, navigating an unfamiliar city, and doing all you can to prepare for any unforeseen problems can be time-consuming and stressful. To help minimize the stress and maximize your precious time, ZUGU CASE would like to share with you some tips for efficient business travel.

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Sign Up For Global Entry Status

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection has a program that allows qualifying travelers to bypass the long line at customs and instead go through a special, expedited line. This can save you some serious time. However, don’t expect to show up at the airport, quickly get approved, and be ushered through the line. To be enrolled in this program, it’s best to begin the process online. Learn more about the Global Entry program.

Keep Essentials Ready To Go

One great time-saving tip is to always have your essentials ready to go, especially if you are constantly traveling. Keeping your essentials, like toiletries, charging cables, and other daily necessities, in a bag and waiting to go. This will reduce packing time, and it will also help you avoid that sinking feeling of being midflight and asking yourself, “did I seriously forget my toothbrush?”

Limit Luggage

Travel can be stressful, and typically, the more stuff you have the great this stress can be. This is why many business travelers will tell you to relegate your possession to a carry-on size suitcase. Not only will this be easier to transport, but it also means it will stay on the plane with you on your flight, which means no lost luggage and no risk of going to your first business meeting in the same jeans and tee you were wearing during the flight.

Sign Up For Frequent Travel Programs

As any frequent business traveler will tell you, taking advantage of the frequent flier programs is essential. If your company does not take full responsibility for all the planning and purchasing, the onus will fall on you to do your research and find which programs you want to be loyal to. Being loyal to one is key since this will give you the best perks and upgrades in the long run. If you choose not to be committed to one airline or hotel, the second best thing you can do is get a rewards credit card that lets you accumulate points and miles regardless of where you do business.

Bring The iPad

At times, it seems like the iPad was made for business travelers. With its size, powerful business-related applications, and great battery life, it’s the perfect travel companion. The display is ideal for mobile productivity, and now, with the recent addition of the Apple Pencil, there seems to be no limit as to what you can do. Whether you want to watch movies, draw, write a story, prepare for your meeting, the iPad will allow you to do all these things — and more — on your flight. For a more in-depth review of the iPad’s merits as a travel companion, check out this article: The iPad Pro Is Now My Only Travel Gadget.

Protect The iPad

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