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5 Benefits of an iPad

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 8th Nov 2018

5 Benefits of an iPad

There are many benefits to having an iPad. Zugu Case, a company that makes the best iPad Pro cover cases, will explain in this blog post the top five benefits of owning an iPad.


  1. Accessibility. How many times have you been talking to a friend and wanted to Google something you were discussing? How many times have you went to make a doctor’s appointment and you didn’t have your planner? And how many times did you wish you had a photo of something you were explaining to your children, such as what a rotary phone looks like? We’ve rated accessibility as the number one benefit to owning an iPad because of the number of times we need access to information and quickly. An iPad is easy to pull out and with the touch of a few keys, you have the information at the touch of your fingers. It’s that easy with an iPad, especially with the new 2018 iPad Pros.
  2. Lightweight. This makes our list primarily because none of us want to carry heavy things around for an extended period of time. And if you have little ones, an iPad is a necessity for the fact it weighs right around 1 pound. And after a long day at work while you’re at the grocery store buying last minute items for dinner, the last thing you want to do is carry something else your child tires of.
  3. Perfect for travel. This benefit ties into the fact the iPad is lightweight. The iPad is perfect size for travel. It’s easy to use in tight spaces such as on an airplane when you’re stuck in the middle seat, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your carry on or bag. This benefit also applies when you’re running errands around town. One pound is not all that heavy to add to your purse or bag.
  4. Easy for the kids to use. We touched on this point before, but it’s worth itemizing it. The iPad is perfect for little hands and fingers to manipulate and when you’re at the doctor’s office and just need to talk to the nurse for a few minutes without crying, the iPad is the perfect distraction tool for when you need a quiet moment. With all the learning programs now available, an iPad can aid you in your parenting job as well. Kids love to draw, play learning games, and learn their ABC’s. Use the iPad for its teaching ability as well.
  5. Music, movies, and musings. The iPad is about the size of a book. Download your favorite books and read anywhere at the touch of a few keys. Play music while you read and watch a movie before bed — all without moving.

The iPad can’t be beat in terms of versatility, and Zugu Case understands the importance of protecting your iPad with the best iPad cover case. We offer iPad cover cases for all models of iPad, including the new 2018 iPad cover cases in both the 11 inch and 12.9 inch models. Zugu Case is durable, sleek, and protects your iPad from all manners of accidents. Order yours today!