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5 Must-Have iPad Accessories | ZUGU CASE - Protective iPad Cases

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 1st May 2018

The iPad is an incredible machine. It’s versatile, powerful, and perfect for both work and play. Straight out of the case, these sleek devices offer some serious fun and capability. What could possibly make them better? Well, that’s a great question, and in today’s blog, we here at ZUGU CASE are going to answer it by looking at some iPad accessories that can expand and enhance the way you use your iPad.

Apple iPad Stylus

Look at any iPad accessory list and you are sure to see the Apple Pencil at the top. Featuring pressure sensitivity, angle detection, and other state-of-the-art qualities that allow you to draw, write, or edit with accuracy and little to no latency or lag. Whether you are an artist, designer, classic notetaker, or someone who prefers navigating with a pen, the Apple iPad stylus needs to be a part of your accessory collection.

iPad Stylus Holder

If you have made the wise decision and purchased an iPad stylus, you’ve probably realized that—while it’s fantastic when in use—when you are not using it, this little guy is just so darn loseable. Whether it rolls off the table or gets lost in the bottom your bag, this hi-tech pen seems to have a serious case of wanderlust. To keep your stylus at bay and always at your disposal, you need an iPad Stylus holder. If you are looking for an ultra-secure, flexible, and stylish holder, look no further than the ZUGU CASE Apple Pencil Holder Sticker. Our stylus holder adheres to almost any surface, and it offers a quick, reliable, and convenient place to store your stylus. And it looks stellar, especially with our magnetic iPad cases!

iPad Smart Keyboard

As makers of sleek and protective iPad cases that are ideal for business travelers, we have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about business travelers and what they need from their iPads. This is partly why, for example, we have made a case that includes an ultra-secure and adjustable stand that can be configured to as many as 10 different viewing and working angles. Learn more about our innovative cases here. Okay, enough about our cases, back to the task at hand—Apple’s Smart Keyboard! While it is not an iPad accessory for everyone, it sure is handy for those who need to regularly compose long emails, articles, and the like. It is super duper thin, utilizes a smart connector, and is remarkably responsive. If you are a light traveler who hates having your writing confined to your thumbs, this may be the accessory for you.

iPad Screen Protector

Anytime you have a large touchscreen, it is bound to get a few scratches and even knicks and cracks. A shatterproof screen protector designed specifically for your iPad can go a long way toward preventing this from happening. Even if you have a rugged iPad case and treat your precious tablet like your beloved child, accidents happen. When they do, having a topnotch screen protector will give you some peace of mind. There are a number of different types of screen protectors to choose from. However, one of our favorites is the matte screen protector. Unlike its counterpart—the reflective glass screen protector—matte screen protectors can reduce annoying glares and the matte texture offers a superior drawing surface. Additionally, if you are using an iPad stylus, you won’t have to worry about your pencil ice skating around on your slippery screen.

Protective iPad Case

As we mentioned, iPads are powerful machines—in fact, did you know that there is a million times more computing power in an average smartphone than all of NASA’s combined computing power in 1969? It only makes sense that given all this power—and the price that comes with a new iPad—you want to do all you can to protect your tablet. This is why protective iPad cases are a must-have iPad accessory. When looking for the case for you, there are a number of things to consider. While you may have yet to begin your search, let us go ahead and throw in a plug for what we think to be one of the best iPad cases on the market—the ZUGU CASE.

We take great pride in being pioneers of innovative iPad cases that offer unrivaled functionality and protection without compromising style and appearance. We think the iPad is one slick tablet. This is why when we set out to make the best iPad case, we didn’t just want to offer superior drop protection, we also wanted to engineer a case that stayed true to Apple’s sleek design. Our iPad cases are thin, lightweight, and contoured to perfectly fit a number of iPads. They also utilize a material similar to that used in the interior of a Mercedes Benz. Want to learn more about our cases? Check out the ZUGU CASE iPad case collection!