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​5 Productivity Apps for Your iPad — Pt. 1

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 17th May 2018

The iPad is a powerful tool. Sure, it’s great for reading books, playing games, and surfing the web, but it is capable of so much more. For example, it can be especially helpful for professionals who want to improve their productivity and performance. However, to tap into this potential, you are going to have to venture over to the app store.

As any regular app user will tell you, the app store is full of apps, ranging from super useful to super useless. This can make finding the right apps difficult and a bit of a hit-or-miss process. To help you on your search, we at ZUGU CASE would like to share with you some iPad apps that can help improve productivity.

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5 iPad Apps to Improve Productivity


Tracking time, expenses, and invoices can be a massive time-suck. OfficeTime offers an easy, intuitive, and flexible interface that allows you to tackle these tasks with ease. Included among its many features is a timer for taking time spent on a project, which will automatically allocate this time appropriately and then generate a corresponding invoice. This is a great, full-featured program for self-employed professionals. Learn more about OfficeTime here.

PDF Expert

Regardless of the type of business you run, you are probably all-too-familiar with PDF documents. It only follows that you have an app that allows you to work with PDFs. There are a number of solid programs for this, but PDF Expert is the one we’ll highlight today. It allows you to easily read, edit, annotate, and even fill out and sign PDF forms. Part of what makes this app beat out other PDF readers is its superior import speed, compatibility, redacting, noting, in-app speed, exporting, merging, and ability to sync with other devices and services. Download the app here.


This wonderful app has become a big hit among students and freelance workers. A big reason for this success is the app’s ability to allow teams to collaborate in one place, and for its full-featured-note-taking abilities. The app allows you to sync files across all devices and effortlessly give and receive feedback. You can also capture information via taking photos with your iPad’s camera, meaning you can turn business cards into rich digital contacts with ease. It also features impressive searchability, making it super quick and easy to recall and find information in notes, PDFs, and photos. Download Evernote for free.

OmniPlan 3

Both of these are project management apps. OmniPlan 3 is great for complex projects where visuals are needed to show the flow and progression of tasks. The timeline feature is especially handy, as is the simulations and earned value analysis feature. Trello is another project management app. However, it has more of a team focus, allowing you to create cards for each individual job, and giving you the ability to add team members to the project. Each card contains most of the essential information — comments, due dates, checklists, attachments, and more.


In many ways, Weekdone could serve as a nice, big-picture, companion app to the last project management apps. Weekdone has streamlined the process of tracking and organizing goals, keeping everyone moving forward in a unified direction. With this iPad app, you can set quarterly objectives, to-do’s, track progress, and leave feedback. This is a particularly helpful app for those working with and supervising small teams. With just the click of a button, you can track and see what everyone on your team has accomplished. Download Weekdone here.

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Check back next week for part two of this blog series!