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7 Useful iPad Tips

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 10th Oct 2018

The iPad has proven to be a practical and fun device. As we mentioned before, not only does it serve as an excellent travel companion and entertainment portal, but it can also be a great device to foster productivity. In today’s blog post, we would like to share with you seven useful tips that hopefully improve your user experience.

Create Folders

Folders, the tried and true organizers. Sure they’ve been keeping our desktops organized for years, but did you know they can also help you keep your iPad organized. Well, they can. You can create a new folder by simply clicking on an app, holding your finger down, and then dragging it onto another app. This will create a folder that you can then put in the Dock, allowing you to quickly and seamlessly access your apps.

Protect Your Data

Do you regularly worry about the security of your personal data? Worried about the possibility of your iPad falling into the wrong hands? The iPad has a number of security features to protect your data in the event of a breach. One particularly reassuring feature is its ability to booby trap your data. By going to Settings → Touch ID & Passcode, you can change your settings so that if someone fails to enter your passcode 10 consecutive times, your iPad will automatically erase everything. If you are prone to forget passwords and codes, this security feature obviously may not be for you.

Utilize Text Shortcuts

Did you know that you can teach your iPad shortcuts? You can! This ostensibly means you could create your own language. You can time something short and have it automatically expanded into something more complex. For example, want to send a “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”? Set this to appear every time you write out, “shrug”. As you can see, this is a powerful feature, that can even allow you to more easily perform custom searches. 

View Two Apps At Once

One somewhat new feature of the iPad is its ability to use two apps simultaneously. This is called the Slide Over feature. It works by sliding one finger until you see the Slide Over panel. Once this appears, you can then select the app you want to use, and the two apps will run side by side.

Use Gestures

Gestures are shortcuts activated by your fingers. For example, by pinching your screen with four fingers, you can bring up the home screen. By swiping four or five fingers to the right or left, you can toggle between apps. There are a number of other helpful gestures. Check out this list by

Divide The Keyboard

The Apple keyboard can do some interesting and surprising things. One such example is the splitting function. By simply dragging your keyboard apart — pulling one side to the right and one side to the left — you can split the keyboard. This will ostensibly give you a fuller screen while still allowing you to use the full keyboard.

Use Siri...Without The Voice Command

By sliding down with two fingers on the home screen, you can bring up the Siri suggestions and search box. Like with verbal inquiries, the search will look at iTunes, Wikipedia, websites, and other sources.

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