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Add Color to Your iPhone Social Cases with the Zoogue Color Buttons Variety Pack

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

If you’re the type who always want something new, hip and unique with your phone, then Zoogue’s iPhone Cases Color Buttons Variety Pack is for you!

Aside from adding some color to your iPhone social case, Zoogue’s iPhone Case Color Button Variety Pack can also protect your iPhone’s buttons from dust and other damages. These buttons come in different colors like lime green, army green, purple, pink, light blue, navy blue, old spice red, white, dark grey, and black together with your iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S Social Cases. Go from green when there’s a picnic in the morning to old spice red when it’s party time at night. It’s totally up to you on how you would want to mix and match these colors depending on your style of the day.

Theses color buttons will definitely reflect your personality since it’s for you to customize to your own liking. In fact with ten different colors your whole family could use it as well and will also help your family to identify who’s phone is which because using color buttons will set you apart from other iPhone cases. Another thing is it would take you only seconds to place and replace these buttons since it fits perfectly on your iPhone case. Just right if you’re in a hurry and you wouldn’t want to leave your house holding a simple phone case with your very fashionable outfit.

Get compliments from your friends and colleagues with your unique iPhone case color buttons. What’s even nice about this is it’s RSP costs $9.95. But with Zoogue, it would only cost you $2.99 and you’ll have a stylish, one of a kind iPhone case. That’s $6.96 cheaper than the recommended retail price!

So don’t miss out on this offer and be a trend settler while it’s still available in stock. Click here to order!