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Apple Event and iPad 5 Cases Coming Soon…

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

iPad 5 cases

Having taken care of software needs with iOS 7, Apple is directing their attention to hardware for an upcoming event said to be planned for October 22nd. The agenda for the event is rumored to involve the release of the new Mac Pro along with Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks and the announcement of the iPad 5. With the iPad 5 right around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before iPad 5 cases become available.

Aside from design changes including Touch ID and a new color scheme, the iPad 5 is rumored to be thinner than the iPhone 5S thanks to a sharper bezel and smaller, well-arranged internals. The most noticeable of the internal changes will be the 64-bit A7 processor, which will bring with it tremendous speed and no change in pricing.