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Apple Introduces New iPod Touch, Offers “Maximum Funness”

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

Closely resembling the iPhone 5, the latest m

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odel in a generation of iPod Touch’s is disputably the best looking iPod Touch to date. With an aluminum black plating available in default silver and slate, Apple will also offer the 5th generation iPod Touch in pink, green, blue, and (RED).

Aesthetic appeal doesn’t end here, though. Only weighing 88 grams, the iPod Touch is only 6.1 mm in depth. Size reductions of this proportion are only possible with the additional internal-surfaces provided as a result of the 4″, 16:9 retina display, which calls for a larger device housing. Extruding from the back, a brushed-metal 5 MP camera is found. With up to 40 hours audio playback, 10 hours video playback, and an A5 processor, this iPod Touch brings power to your hands without the constant tether of a power-cord.

If these vibrant colors have won you over, you surely will be interested in a nifty wristband Apple calls the “loop.” By connecting your loop to the hook-like disk located on the back of your iPod Touch, you can always, “Keep your iPod touch safe at hand.”

Available starting September 14th, the iPod Touch is priced starting at $299 for 16GB of capacity, $399 for the 32GB model.