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Best Uses of iPad for Kids

25th Jun 2019

Parents are concerned about screen time for their kids, as they should be. Recent statistics show that kids spend on average about six hours a day in front of some form of screen, whether it’s a TV or other electronic device such as an iPad or phone. Zugu Case makes the best iPad protective cases. We support parents who want to limit screen time for their children. After all, the world is too big to be constantly involved in fake worlds. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the best uses for iPad for kids. Visit us online, and buy the best iPad case available today!


  • Education. This is the number one reason parents give for buying their kids an Apple iPad. Education is important, and in this day and age, kids need an electronic device, whether it’s to type up papers for school or to use for research purposes. Plus, with kids being so inquisitive and parents not knowing all the answers, odds are, Google knows the answers, and there’s nothing wrong with telling your kids to “Google it” when asked why the sky is blue. After all, we’re pretty sure Google has a better answer to this question that you do.
  • Games. Now before you jump down our throats, we’re talking educational games. For some kids, school is boring and uninteresting, or they get a teacher for the school year whom they just don’t connect with. When this happens, learning falls rapidly. You can keep your kids learning through educational games that teach in a fun, engaging way. You’ll be surprised how much your child will learn through games, especially if it’s a game he or she likes a lot. Having an Apple iPad will make education easy, and having an Apple iPad protective cover by Zugu Case will make giving your child an Apple iPad easier as well.
  • Reading. Some kids struggle with reading and learning to read. First, you can find an Apple iPad app to help your child learn to read to a dynamic way. Second, just the novelty or reading on an Apple iPad may be enough to get your child to read more. Third, an Apple iPad is easier to carry than a thick book of words, and you don’t have to worry about going to the library to get books for your child. Fourth, your child will be able to read anywhere, from the lunchroom to the emergency room. Apple iPads are amazing devices for kids to use. They are small, portable, and easy.
  • Play with others. Many arguments against screen time involve the lack of social interaction screens cause, which is true for the most part. However, if you allow your child to use his or her Apple iPad with others, it can become just like a board game and foster relationships amongst others. There are many games that are educational and will get your child thinking that can be played with others. Furthermore, if you play games or otherwise interact with your child on an Apple iPad, this can foster bonding as well. Kids love to show you things that you don’t know and they do. Thus, let your child share his or her favorite game on the Apple iPad with you. Odds are, you’ll both learn a thing or two, and you’ll share important bonding time. Furthermore, Zugu Cases all fit perfectly on Apple iPads so all the important keys are still accessible while the Apple iPad protective case is on the iPad.
  • Everything in moderation. One of the reasons teen drinking is a problem is because kids are not taught the principle of moderation. Drinking in moderation is not a bad thing; getting drunk is. The same can be said with screen time. Sure, enjoy your favorite show, but engaging in regular binge watching on TV is not a good thing. When you allow your child to use technology in moderation (such as playing video games or watching TV), you’ll eliminate future problems and eliminate the feeling of TV or screens being bad. TV admittedly is one of the most important inventions of all time. It has made this world global and an argument can be made that it has changed history (Nixon versus Kennedy debates for example). It has eliminated barriers and made people aware that the world is bigger than their lives. When Apple iPads are used in moderation by kids, kids gain the best of the real world and the imaginative world.


Zugu Case makes the best Apple iPad cases. We’ve spent years refining our protective cases, gathering your feedback, and making improvements. And the improvements never stop. We are constantly re-evaluating our Apple iPad covers and asking ourselves how we can make them better. With our customers’ feedback, we work hard to implement your suggestions and make even better Apple iPad cases for your use.

Zugu Case supports the smart use of Apple iPads for kids. Playing traditional video games for hours a day is not something Zugu Case supports; however, playing learning games, especially in downtimes, is one of the best uses of the Apple iPad cases. Apple iPads are the perfect size for small hands, and they are intuitive enough for most children to figure out.

Zugu Case supports children worldwide through our charity giving. We donate a portion of every protective iPad case you purchase from us to make this world a better place through our kids. Contact us today!