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Best Uses of iPad for School

Posted by Zugu Case on 25th Jun 2019

The alarm goes off, and you hit the snooze. The snooze goes off, and you again hit the snooze. You do this for a few times until you drag yourself out of bed and into the shower. You get dressed, pack your lunch, and head off to school. But before you go, you grab your iPad. After all, you do a lot with your iPad, and you really don’t want to go to school without it.

Zugu Case makes the best iPad cases. Our iPad cases protect your iPad no matter where you go. We believe going to school every day and working hard towards your degree is hard, and an iPad eases the day-to-day tasks just a bit. In this blog post, we’ll review the best uses for your iPad for school. Visit us today to order your iPad Pro case!


  • Files app. With Apple’s files app, you can now have all your homework files in one place. You can also access all these files in the cloud as well.
  • Apple pencil or stylus. Even though most students now use computers to submit their homework, you still need a pencil to do things, such as take notes, make up documents with edits, and draw or sketch homework such as graphs in drafting or math class. Plus, sometimes it’s good just to handwrite things, not only for penmanship, but it may be easier than typing for some. If you own a 2018 iPad Pro 11 in or 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 in, Zugu Case makes an iPad case that incorporates the Apple pencil so you won’t have to worry about losing it. If you have a different model of iPad, we sell an Apple pencil holder you can put on your iPad protective case for safe handling.
  • Student apps. With the iPad, you can now download dozens of student apps such as school planners, Microsoft Office apps, photo editors, and homework organizers. You can scan in documents instead of photocopying, which then allows you to search them easier. You can then throw away those pesky paper handouts because all are on your iPad. Brainstorming apps have become popular as you utilize stream-of-consciousness in order to prepare reports, papers, and presentations. Whatever tool you need to help you do your schoolwork better, odds are, you can download it on your Apple iPad. You can even download your textbook and annotate it with your notes right in the text, so it’s like writing in the textbook but without getting in trouble!
  • Peripheries. If you utilize the Apple keyboard, you will be able to do word processing easily, as well as take notes in class. Any keyboard that is compatible with the iPad will work, so you can go barebones or completely decked out. Just consider the size since you want it to be portable so you can take it to class and your study groups. Although the iPad does come with a keyboard on the screen, for students you really do need a keyboard with the amount of typing that is expected.
  • Have a camera with you wherever you go. Apple’s iPads have great cameras built in, which are useful to have when you want to take pictures and not clog up your phone. Ipads are great for watching movies with their big screens, as well as for low-tech gaming while you’re waiting in line.
  • Take iPads anywhere. The best features of iPads for students is the fact you can take them anywhere and do all of your tasks wherever you’re at. You can read your textbook, take notes, do your homework, and submit your homework, all without using another tool. You can take your iPad to work with you to catch up on homework if you have time, take it to the beach or the mountains, and take it to school. Shaped like a piece of paper and almost as light, the iPad is an indispensable tool to have for students. They don’t block your view of the teacher, and they are less distracting. You can’t really have multiple tabs open like you do your laptop or computer, so you’ll be less likely to constantly check your emails during class. You can use your iPad in bed when you’re checking up on the news at night, or as an alarm clock, playing your favorite tune.
  • Keep in contact with home. Perhaps your mother bought you an iPad so you are better able to keep in contact with her while you’re at school. With an iPad you can video conference or Facetime, send emails and text messages, and update your Facebook page and Instagram account so your mother knows you’re safe. You can even set reminders to call her — something she’ll appreciate.


With the importance the iPad plays in a student’s life, it’s important to protect it. Zugu Case makes the best iPad cases with the best materials designed to withstand the tumbles it will take in your backpack. Our iPad cases come with magnetic stands that adjusts to your preferred viewing angle. Soft interiors keep your iPads safe from scratches. We offer a one year warranty on all of our iPad covers, free shipping within the continental United States, and a 30-day no questions asked return policy, so if you don’t like your iPad case, return it for your money back. We want you to be happy with your iPad case, and while we believe we’re the iPad protective cover of choice, you may not agree.

Zugu Case values this world and those in it. We offer protective cases to protect iPads, which helps you do your job as a student to become functioning members of society and make this world a better place. Likewise, we believe in giving back; hence, a portion of every iPad case we sell goes to children’s charities so we can continue to build up our future — like you are doing today. Contact us today to get started!