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Creative Ways to Wrap an iPad Pro and a Zugu Case for Christmas

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 27th Nov 2018

Creative Ways to Wrap an iPad Pro and a Zugu Case for Christmas

Do you have one of those members of the family who will stop at nothing to figure out his or her Christmas presents ahead of time? Does he or she spend hours shaking presents, squeezing boxes, running fingers along the edges, and even going so far as unwrapping a corner surreptitiously? If so, then Zugu Case, the leader in iPad Pro covers, has some tips to keep your family guessing up until the big day!


Both the 2018 iPad Pro and the Muse Case for the new 2018 iPads are difficult to hide due to their square size. Odds are, if your family member has requested one of these for Christmas, he or she will know instantly if you wrap it normally. Here’s Zugu Case’s creative ideas to disguise your iPad and Muse Case:

  • One way to disguise one box is by adding more than one box. One cute idea to hide gifts is to get 3 boxes of different sizes and stack them to make a snowman. Pick one to wrap the iPad in, another to wrap the Muse Case in (assuming you purchased both), and then find some odd object to complete the third box to throw your family member off. Try cake boxes, shoe boxes, or package boxes such as Amazon boxes. Your loved one will not be expecting three boxes.
  • Odd-shaped boxes are another way to disguise the square design of an iPad or Zugu Case. Round, pyramid-shaped, and suitcase-shaped are just some of the fun shapes boxes come in. Order these online as you probably aren’t ordering anything soon that’s in the shape of a pyramid. Also, you’ll have to disguise the weight. Consider stuffing with clothes, tissue paper, or adding weighted objects that won’t damage your iPad such as books.
  • Change the shape of your box to make it look like it contains some other gift. You’ll have to let your creative juices flow on this one, but some ideas include making your iPad or Muse Case resemble a gingerbread house, a nativity scene, an animal (think origami here), or a Christmas tree. Distraction is key here as your loved one will be so mesmerized by your packaging that he or she will forget about trying to discover the content inside.
  • You can wrap your iPad or Muse Case in layers of bubble wrap. This will make it appear big and bulky — the exact opposite of the iPad and Muse Case.
  • Wrap your iPad or Zugu Case in another present, such as a blanket, a pillow, or a sleeping bag. With the new 2018 iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 being so thin, as well as the new Muse Case, it is easily stuffed inside another bigger git. Your loved one will have one less gift to open on Christmas, but at least he or she won’t know what it is.

The new 2018 iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 are sure to be popular gift items this Christmas season. This may be your loved one’s only gift due to the price point of the new iPad designs, and there’s no fun to Christmas when you know what your gifts are.

Zugu Case is working to have our new Muse Cases for both the iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 ready to ship by December 18th — just in time for Christmas. Both of our cases for the new iPad Pro models are available for preorder on Amazon right now. Order yours and begin planning your creative way to disguise the new 2018 iPad Pro today!