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Five Things To Teach Your Kids About Using Your iPad

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 28th Jun 2018

When you have young kids in the home, it is important to teach them exactly how to take good care of the expensive items found in your home. Whether they are playing with your iPad or using the family TV, teaching them how to respect and care for these items will go a long way in ensuring they last for a long time to come. While an iPad protector is a great place to begin, a kid proof iPad case won’t save your device from all disasters.

Check out these tips for protecting your iPad and teaching your kids how to properly use this expensive device.

#1: Clean Hands & No Food

One of the first things you should teach your kids about using an iPad is that it should always be done so with clean hands. Make sure they understand the importance of keeping food away from the iPad. Help them see what damage food can cause to an iPad and create rules about when the iPad can be used.

While it can be tempting to hand your iPad to your kid at the dinner table to keep them quiet and entertained, try to make mealtimes a no-technology affair. iPad screens can be difficult to clean off when sticky hands grime them up. Teach your children that iPads are for using only in situations where their hands are clean and their food is put away.

#2: Stay Away From Water

The second lesson you should impart to any kids in the home is that the iPad must always stay away from bodies of water. Whether that is bathtime or pooltime, teach your kids that iPads and water do not mix. You can even pull up some YouTube videos featuring water logged iPads and the damage that can occur. Make sure that if your kids are playing near water, the iPad is put away.

The best way to ensure your kids respect the no water rule is to follow it yourself. Leave the iPad at home next time you head to the pool or lake and enjoy a technology free day outdoors.

#3: Be Considerate Of Others

Kids are not always as aware of their surroundings as we are as adults. It is easy for a child to get swept away into their own land and imagination, unconscious of who is around them or how they are impacting them. When it comes to using your iPad around other people, make sure your kids understand that you have to think about others.

For example, if they have a favorite game that features loud sounds and music, help them understand that the volume needs to be turned off or headphones need to be worn if they are in a public place. Don’t assume your child will figure this out on their own. Kids are extremely oblivious and proper public etiquette needs to be taught to them by you. Make sure that you also set the example here. If you are blaring your TV show or favorite tunes in public, your kids won’t respect other people’s space either.

#4: Create Time Limits

iPads make for great entertainment and many kids will be sucked into technology without any concept of the time they are spending staring at a screen. Don’t expect your kids to police themselves in regards to screen time. They will probably have an extremely high threshold for tolerating time staring at a device. It is up to you to set up limits for them to ensure they don’t become an iPad zombie.

It can be extremely helpful to utilize a timer to help create an awareness of the time they are spending on your iPad. If the screen time is limited to 30 minutes, set the timer nearby so the buzzing will alert them to the end of their usage. Make sure you are consistent in enforcing their time limits and don’t reward tantrums with more screen time.

#5: Block Purchases

Another common issue parents face when their kids get ahold of their iPad is a sudden onslaught of in-app purchases. Make sure you have clear guidelines for you kids on how much they are allowed to spend on games. If you wish to keep them from spending anything, set up blocks to prevent them from buying games or add-on features. It is easy for small purchases to quickly add up, so make sure your kids understand that 99 cents here and 99 cents there can lead to a massive bill at the end of the month.

Invest In A Rugged iPad Case

One of the best ways you can ensure your iPad withstands the use of small hands is to purchase an iPad protector. A quality iPad case will ensure that your iPad can withstand small drops and keep it safe from scratches and dings. Because children are often clumsier and less coordinated, it is common for kids to drop iPads and bang them into things as they carry them from room to room. Protect your device with a kid-proof iPad case from ZUGU CASE.

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