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Five Things Your iPad Won’t Love

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 14th Jun 2018

Your iPad is a stunning device, both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It provides you with hours of entertainment, the ability to connect anywhere you go, and the joy of owning such a magnificent piece of technology. With so much to offer you, your iPad deserves to be treated with care. Here at ZUGU CASE, we believe that iPads should be cocooned in the very best protective gear, which is why we set out to make the best iPad protector on the market.

When it comes to protecting your device, there are a few key things you should always avoid. The following are all things your iPad will hate and subsequent tips for keeping your iPad safe from harm’s way.

#1: Taking A Swim

It should go without saying but your iPad was not made for the water. Never take your iPad into the lake for a swim or dunk it in your warm bath. While it is likely that you will never intentionally put your iPad into a bucket of water, there are numerous ways iPads fall prey to water damage every day. Make sure you carefully avoid these scenarios.

For example, while watching your favorite TV show in the bath sounds like the perfect relaxing evening, don’t try to balance your iPad in your hands while you lay in the water. Instead, opt for an iPad stand and keep the iPad out of the bathtub entirely. When it comes to water activities, it is best to leave your iPad at home. When you are visiting the pool, heading out on the boat, or hanging out by the seaside, just opt to unplug instead.

#2: Baking In The Hot Sun

It is pretty well known that electronics and the hot sun don’t mix. If you have an iPad, the last place you should store it is in the direct sun. While you are probably not going to choose a sunny location for your iPad’s daily resting place, you might expose it to prolonged heat without thinking about it.

For example, if you are out shopping and you brought your iPad along for a later stop, you might not think about it when you leave it baking in the sun in your vehicle while you choose the perfect dinner. Make sure that if you are out and about, your iPad stays with you and keeps cool indoors. Excessively hot temperatures can damage the iPad and leave you with a pile of junk rather than the iPad you once loved.

#3: Being Trampled On By The Dogs

If you have a busy home with furry friends running to and fro, make sure you keep your iPad stored up high and safe from paws. While you might know that stepping on your iPad will lead to a sad ending, your dogs are not so wise. A few thundering paws later and your iPad will be in a less than ideal condition.

To keep your iPad safe from anyone’s stumbling foot, never leave it out on the floor and keep it high enough off the ground that it won’t be easily knocked down in a dog stampede.

#4: Sticky Fingers And Spilled Food

If you have kids in the home, your iPad might be a tempting toy within arm’s reach. Unfortunately, children often approach electronics with little to no thought about the cleanliness of their hands. Sticky fingers and spilled food can quickly gunk up your iPad. While you might not cause permanent damage this way, it can lead to a less than ideal functionality for you.

No one wants to catch up on the latest season of their favorite Netflix show with a smear of peanut butter and jelly in the way. Keep your kids away from your iPad or create strict rules about when the iPad can be used — hint: never at meal time.

#5: Being Unprotected

Finally, the thing your iPad will hate most is being left unprotected and exposed to the world. Investing in a high-quality iPad protector will go a long way in ensuring the safety of the device and improving the usability of it. A protective case will ensure that even when you are busy and on the go, your iPad will have a safety net surrounding it. Not only will a rugged iPad case keep your iPad safe from scratches and dings, it will help keep it protected from drops and falls.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect, tough iPad case, we invite you to shop our selection of premium protective cases. Our unique technology provides world-class drop protection and shock absorbing edges. We set out to create the most stunning and functional case on the market. Not only can you rest assured that your iPad will love being ensconced in our protective cases, you will also love how easy it is to watch your favorite shows or browse your Facebook page with the mutli-angled stand. Check out our iPad protector today and keep your iPad safe from harm’s way.