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High Grade Shields for iPhone: Durable, Free Solution for Display Protection

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

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Here at ZooGue, we recently launched our High Grade Shield for iPad in an effort to provide low-cost display protection. Now, we are proud to introduce screen-shields for the iPad’s smaller predecessor, the iPhone. Compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, our High Grade Shield for iPhone aims to leave your Retina Display looking brand new. With standard shields, front protection is plentiful, but the iPhone often gets scratched on its back by the various surfaces it rests upon. As a solution, it was decided that we offer front and back protection together as our “High Grade Shields for iPhone”

Our screen-shields, both for iPad and iPhone, are manufactured with Japanese materials, which have higher levels of scratch resistance than those originating from Taiwan. While generally more expensive, these Japan-manufactured screen-shields are available for just the price of shipping when you use the promo code “FreeZooGueAccessory.”

Also, application of most screen-shields is messy, but we include a micro-fiber as well as an application soft card as a way to warrant the most basic of installations.