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How To Speed Up A Slow iPad — Pt. 2

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 9th Nov 2018

Modern iOS operating systems are well-built and require minimal maintenance. However, if you own an older iPad — or just a new iPad that isn’t quite as fast as it used to be — you may have noticed that it just doesn’t run the way it used to. If this is the case for you, be sure to check out How To Speed Up A Slow iPad — Pt. 1, and read on to learn about some more tips to speed up your iPad.

Tip 6: Check Your Internet Connection Speed

If you notice most of the sluggish behavior when you are on a web browser like Safari or Chrome, the problem may actually be your internet connection, not the iPad. To test the speed of your connection, consider downloading a speed test app. There are many free speed test apps out there. If you discover that your Mb/s is extremely low, you have identified the problem, and it’s a problem you have to take up with your internet provider, not your tablet. Regardless of how fast your iPad is, without a fast connection, you’re going to move at a snail’s pace.

Tip 7: Turn Off Notifications

Notifications can be helpful and convenient. They can alert you when you have a message, someone comments on Facebook posts, or big news breaks. However, there are some notifications that you probably could do without, and there are definitely times when you don’t need any notifications at all. Turning off these notifications can help improve the speed of your iPad. Just like Background App Refresh, when your system constantly scans for notifications this can slow down your iOS device. To disable notifications, head over to Settings > Notifications and, for each app, set Notifications to Off. 

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Tip 8: Switch Off Location Services

While location services can be super handy for iPhones when you are regularly opening up maps trying to locate a restaurant or to check-in at your favorite place on Facebook, it’s not always necessary for your iPad. In fact, rather than helping, Location Services is most likely going to run in the background, sucking up your battery power and slowing down performance. To turn off your Location Services, tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services and switch Location Services to Off.

Tip 9: Disable Spotlight

Have you ever used Spotlight? Do you know what it is? If the answer to these questions is no, then it’s probably a safe bet to go ahead and switch if off. Spotlight is what powers the search on your Ipad, allowing you to find something. However, to do this it must index each item on your iPad. This process slows things down. If you want to turn this off, tap Settings > General > Spotlight Search and switch all the Search Results items to Off.

Tip 10: Get a ZUGU CASE iPad Case

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