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iPad Accessories: An Intimate Look at the iPad Keyboard

Posted by Zugu Case on 24th May 2019

iPads are amazing bits (pardon the pun) of technology that can fit almost in the palm of your hand. But let’s face it, if you want you iPad to be more than a tool for surfing the Internet, checking email, playing video games, or watching movies (okay, so there’s a long list of things the iPad can do. Isn’t that why you bought one?), you’ll need to buy iPad accessories. One iPad accessory that is essential if you want to do any type of work on your iPad is the iPad keyboard. There are many options of iPad keyboards for all models of the Apple iPad. But before we dive into the iPad keyboard options, let’s take a quick look at what exactly is an iPad keyboard and what it does.

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The iPad itself has a built-in on-screen keyboard, which is actually quite nice to type on. When the on-screen keyboard is up on the screen, you can actually dictate to it, and it will type for you as well. There are some advantages to using the on-screen keyboard with your iPad.

  1. Converts into a virtual touchpad. Touch screens on computers allow you to touch the screen, and put the cursor where you want the cursor to go. This is oftentimes much easier than a mouse which can be awkward, especially when highlighting text. You can turn the on-screen keyboard into a touch pad by simply tapping the iPad’s screen with two fingers. Then you can move your fingers around and the cursor will follow your movements precisely.
  2. Spelling suggestions. With a regular keyboard, the auto-correct function can be annoying as it corrects words and usages that aren’t necessarily wrong that you have to fix. This can be a huge waste of time. Instead, with the on-screen function on your iPad, you can turn off auto-correct. While the iPad will still make suggestions and point out words and usages it thinks are incorrect, it won’t automatically correct them for you. The iPad on-screen feature will also suggest words as you type it (similar to your email) and you can accept those to speed up your typing.

As cool as these features on your iPad are, they just don’t replace the practicality of a real keyboard. Hence, you can buy an iPad accessory keyboard that is either wireless or connected.


You can buy either an iPad accessory keyboard that is wireless. This means your iPad keyboard will not have to be plugged into your device, which makes it optimal for moving around and having a healthy distance away from your screen. Or you can buy a keyboard-case combo option. This option most closely resembles a laptop. The advantage to this is that your screen and work will remain steady when you’re traveling, say on a train or bus for example. However, if you wanted a laptop, you should buy a laptop. iPads are tablets, meant to be portable and not bulky to carry around. Constantly taking your iPad in and out can become cumbersome to say the least with a keyboard-case combo.

If you will be using your keyboard a lot, you’ll probably want a keyboard-case combo. This makes it easy to transport and protects the keyboard along with your iPad. However, if you are only going to be using the iPad keyboard occasionally, a wireless keyboard will probably be the route you want to go.

With the wireless iPad keyboard option, most Bluetooth keyboards on the market today will work with your iPad, so be aware that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on keyboards hyping themselves as compatible with the iPad. If you have an iPad Pro model, the Smart Keyboard is a good option. If you’ll be using your iPad often with your keyboard, you’ll need a way to prop up your iPad. This is when the iPad cases by Zugu Case shine. We’ve specifically made our top-of-the-line iPad cases to prop up your keyboard. In fact, our iPad cases are adjustable in eight ways, so you can customize the angle until your heart’s content.

Some keyboards do come with a way to prop up your iPad; however, most of these are limited in terms of options and angles.


Zugu Case recommends that you spend some time first using your new iPad before rushing into iPad accessories as soon as you iPad arrives. See how much you need a keyboard with your iPad based off your usage patterns.

There are detractors to the iPad keyboard that you might want to consider.

  1. An iPad keyboard is awkward to use in your lap. If you like to do work from your bed or on the couch so you can simultaneously watch TV and work during the boring parts, then an iPad keyboard might not be for you, especially the Smart Keyboard. The iPad and the keyboard are so lightweight that it will be hard to distribute the weight accordingly. However, most iPad keyboards work well from a desk. That being said, you could use your iPad on the desk and then buy a wireless iPad keyboard for your lap.
  2. Not ideal ergonomics. The iPad was designed to be used more horizontally rather than vertically. This means when your iPad is propped up, it can be hard to see. Furthermore, having to reach forward with your hand to touch the screen is uncomfortable, tiring, inaccurate, and after a while, downright annoying. While the Smart Keyboard does have a lot of shortcuts built in, you’ll still have to interact with the screen of your iPad a lot.


There are many options for an iPad keyboard, either wireless or a keyboard-case. When you buy a Zugu Case since it’s the best protective iPad case on the market today, you won’t need another case, so a wireless keyboard would be the way to go.


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