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iPad Cases at a Discount with New Deals

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

ZooGue currently only lets 70 – 90% of its manufactured product reach the hands of customers, the other 10 – 30% is recycled due to minor blemishes or imperfections. Among these imperfections are only the slightest differences such as a crooked logo and naturally bumped, creased, or marked leather.

Rather than recycling all iPad cases with slight or second imperfections, ZooGue now features a clearance section that offers them at 20 – 40% off of their regular price. Among the items included are iPad cases, Kindle fire cases, and Android tablet cases.

To ensure that we maintain our current quality of product, cases with major imperfections will not be included in the clearance section. Only cases with the smallest imperfections that seem fit to be sold at discount will be included in the discounted portion of our online storefront.