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iPad Cases Out and About: iPad on a Hike

Posted by Zugu Case on 25th Mar 2019

Getting out in nature is one of the best things you can do for your quality of life, your overall mental well-being, and your physical health. Going on a hike with friends, family, or your dog affords you the opportunity to see nature at its best: the deer grazing in the early morning before they bed down, the foxes on the prowl for dinner, hawks soaring high in the sky with an eye for rodent dessert, the wind rustling the trees, and the brook babbling nonsense that somehow is the best music ever. iPads are great to take with you when you’re out in nature, as they are easy to use for photography and to check the weather if a summer squall is blowing in during the afternoon. Zugu Case is the manufacturer of the best iPad protective cases. Below, we’ll offer up tips to keep your iPad snug as a bug in a rug on your next hike. Order your iPad case today!


  • Invest in a protective iPad case. This almost goes without saying since Zugu Case offers the best iPad protective cases on the market. However, if you haven’t purchased yours yet, do so now. A protective case will protect your iPad in case you slip and fall, you accidentally drop your iPad while taking a picture, or while it jostles around in your backpack.
  • Place it securely in your backpack. Once you have your iPad in a protective case, secure it in your backpack or your fanny pack. You don’t want to be hiking around carrying it because if you slip, your iPad can take a tumble off a mountain if you’re not careful.
  • Make sure nothing in your backpack is leaking. While you’re exercising, you’ll probably drink a lot of water frequently. This results in you taking the cap off your water bottle repeatedly. Make sure you secure your drink and food so nothing spills on your iPad while in transport.
  • Be wary of overheating. On hot, summer days, the temperature can climb quickly, especially in your backpack where there is no air ventilation . Make sure your iPad is turned off when not in use to help prevent it from overheating, and don’t leave it in the direct sunlight when you stop for rest breaks.
  • Be wary of sharp objects. While you’re hiking, you may have a pocketknife, your car keys, a multi-tool, and other sharp objects that can harm your iPad. Make sure these are secured in your backpack.
  • Be wary of sunscreen and bug spray. Sunscreen and bug spray cans can be depressed and spray accidentally on their own. These have ingredients that if gets into the iPad’s ports or on its surface, can cause damage. Again, be cognizant of where you put your iPad in your backpack during transport. A separate pocket would be ideal.


  1. Hiking apps. With technology you don’t need a paper map anymore. You can use your iPad to download a hiking app that will show you the trail, tell you where it is, and can even take you off the grid while on your hike and guide you back. With GPS capabilities, your iPad can come in handy when you take a wrong turn or go off trail to chase a butterfly.
  2. Play music. If you’re on a long hike and the sun is blazing down in the middle of the day, chances are nature is in hiding, waiting for the heat to pass. It is during these times where you won’t miss the sounds of nature that having great, upbeat music on your iPad to hike to can make the climb up not seem so bad. Music is a great motivator and can make the last three miles up to the top of the mountain go by in the blink of an eye.
  3. Compass and flashlight apps. Your iPad is a wealth of tools and information all in one. There’s an app for virtually anything and having an app as a compass can save you time from taking a wrong turn on the trail, or having a flashlight can save you from stumbling back to your vehicle at the end of a long hiking day. Next to your dog and any other living breathing creatures, your iPad is your next best companion on hikes.

Zugu Case is passionate about protecting your iPad. We’ve taken great care and countless hours to bring you the best iPad accessories and iPad covers. We want you to enjoy life, and your iPad allows you many conveniences in this world, from entertaining your child at the doctor’s office to entertaining your cat with fish apps. Your iPad is powerful, and most of us need more power in this world.

When you take your iPad out and about, including on hikes, the last thing Zugu Case wants is for you to accidentally break it. When you invest in a Muse Case or a Prodigy Case, you’ll have an iPad cover that is microfiber on the inside to cushion your iPad and protect it from scratches and that has a hard outside to protect it from bumps, bruises, and drops. Our iPad cases are not bulky and are sleek in design. With an adjustable magnetic stand, you can use your iPad at whatever angle is more comfortable for you and easiest on the eyes. The Apple pencil holder is attached, and the control buttons, such as the home button, are easily accessible. We offer iPad protective magnetic cases for most iPad models, including the Muse Case for iPad Pro 11 in - 2018, the Muse Case for 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 in (3rd Gen), and our new cases for 2018 / 2017 New iPad 9.7 inch Prodigy X. Durable and tear-resistant, the Zugu Case promises to be better than you think.

With a one-year warranty, free shipping in the United States, and a 30-day risk-free trial period, Zugu Case is confident you’ll never buy another brand after you try ours. Order yours iPad protective case today!