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iPad Etiquette For Public Places

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 24th Jun 2018

When you are the proud owner of an iPad, it is understandable that you want to bring this handy device with you everywhere you go. From visiting your favorite coffee shop to hanging out at the sports bar, your iPad allows you to access everything you need with the tap of a finger from any location.

The best way to get the most use out of your iPad is to invest in a quality iPad stand. Once you have an iPad cover that features a handy built-in stand, you are ready to utilize your iPad quickly and easily anywhere you go. While using your iPad in public is easy, do you know how to practice the right etiquette in public places? Make sure you aren’t committing any of the following faux paus and ensure you are practicing proper mobile manners.

Headphones Were Invented For A Reason

If you head down to the local coffee shop to catch up on your favorite TV show, make sure you grab a pair of headphones. One of the most basic elements of iPad or any mobile device etiquette is to keep the sound to yourself. Nothing is more disruptive to everyone around you than blaring tunes from your iPad or the sound of your audio book.

Whether you are watching an action packed movie or listening to your favorite podcast, the rest of the world probably doesn’t want to listen along with you. Be considerate and pack a pair of headphones for use outside of your home. If you have kids, be conscious of the volume on their iPads as well. Children often do not have the social wherewithal to recognize they are being a nuisance to others. Instruct them to always keep their volume off when they are playing games or pack a set of headphones for them to use as well.

Don’t Ditch Your Date

When you are out in public and you are alone, your iPad can be a great source of entertainment. You can check out what’s happening on social media and you can read your favorite novel. However, if you are out at a restaurant, bar, or other public place and you are with another person, don’t ditch them for your screen. Nothing is more rude than you staring at your iPad while your date stares back at you.

This holds true for hanging out with friends, family, and others as well. Unless you both decided to bring your devices along to read a book while you chill at a coffee shop, there is no reason to dive into your iPad alone. Be courteous and wait to check up on your social media channels and other tasks until you are alone. If you want to use your iPad with a group of friends, opt for games you can all play or interesting facts you can discuss.

Treat Servers With Respect

Just as it is incredibly rude to ignore your date or friends, it is equally rude to ignore those who are serving you. If you are at a restaurant, for example, and your server walks up to take your order, put the iPad down. It is perfectly fine to spend some time alone surfing the web at your favorite local pub but be respectful when the staff is speaking to you.

Always engage with those who are serving you and make an effort to pay attention to your surroundings even when you are using your iPad in a public place.

Save Your FaceTime For Home

Catching up with people from anywhere in the world is one of the greatest benefits of technology. While your iPad makes it easy to FaceTime with anyone you want, the best time to catch up with friends and family is not while you are out and about. When you are sitting in a public place, it can be extremely disruptive to try to call someone. You might not even realize how loud you are being when you get swept away in conversation with friends.

Instead of making your FaceTime calls in public, opt for a quiet place at home where you can be as expressive as you wish without bothering anyone else.

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