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iPad Mini No Longer a Rumor: Sign Up Now for Free Case

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

As predicted in our last post, the iPad mini made its debut on October 23rd in San Jose. Pre-orders begin tomorrow with a November 2nd release date for the Wi-Fi only models. The cellular models will be offered later in November. So how does the new device compare to others on the market?

First lets look at how the iPad mini compares to the newest fourth generation of iPad, which is due to release on the same date. As the name implies, size is the biggest difference and in this case size does matter. After all, who among us doesn’t sometimes dream of a owning computer that fits in our pocket?

The iPad mini is 23% thinner, 53% lighter (it weighs less than a pound) and can be easily held in one hand.  Its 7.9-inch screen is one-third smaller than the iPad, and the resolution is the same as the iPad 2 rather than the new iPad. The iPad mini ships with an Apple A5 chip rather than the latest chip in the fourth generation iPad.

So for those who love iPad and have a lot of apps but want a smaller version that can fit in hand or pocket, the iPad mini is just the ticket. For those seeking the best features an Apple tablet has to offer, grab the fourth generation iPad which features the new lightning port, beautiful retina display and the fast Apple A6X chip.

The iPad mini Wi-Fi only version will come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions with the starting prices at $329, $429, and $529, respectively.   When the cellular versions release in mid-November, their price tags will reflect an additional $130 for each model.

Now lets take a minute to consider how the iPad mini compares to its rivals in the small tablet market. Well, despite being small compared to its sister device the iPad, the mini screen is quite a bit larger than the 7-inch screens on the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. Its also slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy which measures in at 7.7 inches. The price is also considerably higher due to lack of subsidizing. However, for those who love their Apple apps and want a more portable device, the price could be considered well worth the convenience. If you’re a visual person who prefers to see rather than just read about the new device, check out this iPad Mini Hands On video.

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