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iPad Mini Rumors Pointing to October Event

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

iPad Mini Rumors - iPad Mini Social CaseAs the excitement from the September iPhone 5 release trails off, iPad Mini rumors have begun to circulate once again. Reports leaked on the web say that Apple may have plans to announce another event this month. In fact, Fortune reports that invitations are ready to be mailed on October 10th. Should this rumor pan out, based on Apple’s customary schedules its likely the event itself will be held around October 17th.

Could it be possible that the iPad Mini may be available to consumers late this month? Or early November? If the rumors spreading online are true, indeed it could. Its been reported that production may have already begun at a Foxconn plant in Brazil, a location that first surfaced in rumors many months prior.

The iPad Mini rumors speculate the device will sport a 7.85-inch screen, making it a bit larger than the Kindle Fire.  Thickness estimates peg it as being equivalent to the iPod touch (around 7.2). Many believe that the look of the new device may mirror that of the recently released iPhone 5 and iPod Touch.

For those seeking a lower priced alternative to the iPad, the new mini is rumored to be just the ticket. 9to5 Mac made guesses at a $200-299 price range being possible.

With a lower price point and perfect debut time, the iPad Mini could easily become this years perfect holiday gift. In light of the reports of scratching on the iPhone 5, a protective outer case for the device would be a welcome addition to the gift.

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