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​iPads In The Workplace

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 12th Nov 2018

The iPad is one of Apple’s most powerful and innovative creations. When its built-in capabilities are combined with the app store, it becomes a powerful machine capable of handling a wide variety of tasks. While most people may use their Apple iPads at home for personal entertainment, more and more businesses are turning to iPads to help improve the efficiency of their businesses. In today's article, we are going to look at a few sectors that are harnessing the potential of the iPad.

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iPads In Construction

Construction sites can be messy, and any way that you can reduce clutter helps to improve the efficiency and safety of the job. This is partly why many construction companies are using iPads on the worksite. Tablets make communication between workers, architects, and managers faster and easier. For example, if a contractor needs clarification on something, he or she can open up the blueprints on the iPad, mark the problem, and send it off to the architect to address the issues. This not only saves a trip to the office, but it also saves all parties significant time. Apps like Fieldwire and PlanGrid make collaboration between contractors and architects seamless and ultra-efficient.

Additionally, a project can easily be managed and monitored through the use of iPads and apps. There are several analytical and tracking apps that make it easy for parties to share information, measure performance indicators, daily logs, maintenance reports, and other information and progress.

iPads in Healthcare

There is perhaps no other industry where proper documentation and access to records is more vital than in healthcare. It’s no wonder that more and more healthcare facilities are turning to iPads to make healthcare more efficient and more personalized.

By having all a patient's data and records consolidated, doctors no longer have to leaf through loads of paper and decipher handwriting. They can easily and quickly access medication lists, symptoms, allergies, and make a confident decision quicker than ever.

The iPad can also engage the patient by putting their personal records and test results immediately in front of them. In some cases, for example, doctors are able to present patients with their x-rays and zoom in, and even draw, on key areas. At home, iPads along with helpful apps enable patients to stay connected to their care teams between office visits.

iPads in Restaurants

These days it’s hard to go into a restaurant or cafe and not see an iPad. From acting as a menu to serving as the POS system, iPads are revolutionizing the way business at restaurants is done. One of the reasons vendors love using iPads as a replacement for the menu is because they let patrons order with a simple tap, ensuring 100 percent accuracy. They also eliminate the need to reprint menus every time there is a change. Digital menus can be updated with just a few clicks. Additionally, tablets have revolutionized payment processing, making it quick and convenient.

Not only do iPads allow for convenient payment processing, but many iPad POS systems offer inventory management. The system will automatically take inventory and provide you with a detailed list of items that need attention. This also serves as a great analytical tool to examine what ingredients are most popular, allowing you to better prepare and optimize the efficiency of your business.

iPads in Schools

Beyond the immediate benefit of engaging students, iPads have proven to be a powerful and popular educational tool for classrooms. One thing that schools love about this switch is that it reduces waste and requires fewer physical resources. From books to submitting homework and assignments, iPads provide digital alternatives, which helps the environment and schools save money. Tablets in the classroom also help make presentations interactive, allowing teachers to fill presentation with images, surveys, videos, and information with which they can immediately and individually interact. Other benefits include the ability for teachers to poll students, take digital field trips, show processes, and use the many impactful educational apps.

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