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iPhone 5 Release Rumors

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

Rumors abound on the release of Apple’s newest version of the popular iPhone. An unnamed source set the rumor mill spinning in July with a date of August 7th. A more recent rumor pegs a special launch event on September 12th as the unveiling of the new iPhone and the anticipated iPad Mini, with a release date on the new iPhone rumored to be September 21st. However, Verizon CFO’s comments in an interview would seem to point to early October as the latest release, a date more in line with last year’s release of the iPhone 4S.

Although not seeing eye to eye on an actual date, sources do agree the new release will be within the next few months. So what features can we hope to see in the new iPhone?

Rumors have suggested features of the new iPhone may include 4G LTE Internet capability, a larger screen, and a higher price tag. A few backplate photos leaked online over prior months show a two-toned, thinner case. And a video of what is supposedly an actual front cover of an iPhone 5 shows a taller body to the phone, seeming to reinforce the rumor of a larger 4″ screen. Another rumor points to a smaller docking connector which would be a dramatic departure from Apple’s tradition of keeping their device connectors standard.

As for the actual name of the new device, some believe Apple may be abandoning the numbering of their devices and could follow in the steps of its iPad release by calling it simply the new iPhone. Why not? A MacBook Pro is a MacBook Pro after all.

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