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Kindle Fire 2 Rumors Heat Up

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

Kindle Fire Case Genius Although Amazon has yet to confirm the release of any new devices, reports of price cuts and lack of availability on some models of Amazon Kindles have sparked further speculation this week. Rumors are flying that a new device, possibly including a larger tablet to compete with the iPad, may be on its way!

A recent Amazon Deal of the Day reduced the price on the current larger eReader, Kindle DX, by 29%! In addition, Amazon is offering a HUGE 40% discount on some Kindle products through August 15th, including a Kindle Touch for just $47.50, to those using an Amazon Rewards Visa.

These discounts, combined with some models having delayed shipping and the Kindle Touch 3G being currently unavailable, has led Gizmodo to speculate that Amazon may have plans to release new devices prior to Apple’s September 12th launch event. In fact, they predict next week! Other online sources quote a more conservative date of the fourth quarter of 2012.

Dubbed the Kindle Fire 2, rumors report that the new larger tablet may feature some Smartphone capabilities, a screen size of 10.1″, front-lighting, and the addition of volume contol. Speculation also points to a new 7″ model with a higher resolution screen being introduced at $199, while the current Fire, perhaps aided by the addition of ads as seen on some models of the Kindle Touch, may drop by as much as $50.

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