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Looking for a stand case for your iPad Air 2?

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

Are you looking for the perfect stand case for your iPad Air 2? Are you getting tired of those wobbly stand cases and bulky covers? Do you want a stand case that is firm and slim?

Good news! Your search for the perfect stand case is over. The iPad Air 2 Case Prodigy Elite is here!

ZooGue owner, Tim Angel, tested how long the iPad Air 2 Case Prodigy Elite can hold your iPad Air in place and the result was amazing. The iPad Air Case Prodigy Elite is so far the most stable stand case ever tested. Being 40% thinner and 20% lighter, it is the perfect stand for you and your iPad Air 2. You don’t have to settle with the difficulty of making your Ipad Air 2 stand again and again because it keeps on falling or have to deal with its bulky covers, making you feel uncomfortable and giving you difficulty in using your it.

Prodigy Elite is the only kickstand case in the world. It has 7 very secure magnetic angles. These magnetic angles are designed to adjust to your position needs, whether it’s for a relaxing stay on the couch or just before going to bed. Whatever situation it is, it will surely be stable.

The Prodigy Elite provides great protection for your iPad Air 2 for it has sleep/wake cover and it covers the corners of your iPad Air 2. Its structure also allows access to all buttons including the camera, making it very convenient for you. The materials used for the case are high quality materials and had gone through multiple quality inspections to ensure that it meets the high quality standard of the product.

It is now time to give your iPad Air 2 the perfect firm and slim stand-case that also gives the right protection. Order your very own ZooGue iPad Air Case Prodigy Elite now.