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Microsoft Unveils "Surface" Windows RT Tablet, Uses Their Own Hardware

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

Microsoft has always left hardware to third-parties with exception to the XBOX, but today Microsoft decided to build there own hardware, a tablet, called "Surface." Surface runs Windows RT, a version of Windows optimized for ARM processors and will support most apps Windows users are currently familiar with and more. The display is a major component in Surface, hence the name. Surface's optically-bonded, 10.6-inch ClearType full-HD display is composed of Gorilla Glass 2 and manufactured specifically to keep Surface thin.

Its body is comprised of magnesium rather than Apple-favored aluminum and includes a kick-stand of sub-millimeter depth. At 9.3mm thick, Surface is just barely thinner than Apple's iPad and weighs-in below 1.5-pounds. Along the beveled edges of Surface, Microsoft was able to include USB 2.0, microSD, and HDMI. It is powered by a NVIDIA ARM processor. As a solution for heat dispersal, Microsoft used "perimeter venting," which uses a device-wide groove to release heat in an unnoticeable manner. Microsoft has named Surface's body as well, it's called "VaporMg." As an accessory, Microsoft took from Apple's book and made a protective-cover, but this cover doubles as a full-keyboard and track-pad. Microsoft has not provided an official launch-date, but says Surface will be available with a 32GB or 64GB capacity and it is to be priced competitively.