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Save Snapchat Photos on iPhone

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

Save Snapchat Photos

In light of Snapchat’s recent growth, it has come into question whether your photos are actually being deleted after their viewing period. The answer is yes, but Snapchat was recently reverse engineered to allow users to save their photos.

It all began when software developer and security researcher Adam Caudill profiled how Snapchat works. Doing so, he showed that it was possible to save Snapchat photos; however, his discovery was soon spoiled by the addition of photo encryption.

His discovery inspired Thomas Lackner to create a Github repository for a project called “Snaphax.” The project is a PHP library for Snapchat. His library currently offers several features, but the most intriguing is also the most crippling to Snapchat. Snaphax offers the ability to save a user’s photos, which completely defeats the purpose of Snapchat. As a PHP library, Snaphax isn’t very easy to use for the average consumer, but how Snapchat goes about deleting your photos is subject to change and changes could render Snaphax useless.