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Should You Upgrade to the New 2018 iPad Pro Models?

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 2nd Jan 2019

Should You Upgrade to the New 2018 iPad Pro Models?

In case you haven’t heard, Apple released two new iPad Pro models late in 2018: the iPad Pro 2018 11 inch model and the iPad Pro 2018 12.9 inch model. The models are virtually identical except for the size of the screens. First introduced in 2015, the iPad Pros were designed to eventually replace your computer. Now, in its third generation, the iPad Pros do not disappoint. But are they worth upgrading for? Zugu Case, the best iPad Pro case manufacturer, will list reasons you might want to upgrade your iPad to these third generation models.


  • This iPad Pro comes even closer to matching the capabilities of your iPhone. It's been given a substantial redesign with a flatter frame, a display that stretches almost right to the edge, and the removal of the Home button – opting instead for Face ID, similar to the new iPhones.
  • The iPad Pro screen. This LCD screen is phenomenal, featuring bright and crisp imagery with the new liquid retina display. Oh, and the headphone jack has now gone for good. The pixel count is up, and watching TV is amazing on this electronic device. If you have an older iPad, it won’t have ProMotion (variable refresh rate) and True Tone (adjustable color temperature).
  • Speed. How many of us become frustrated when our website pages are taking forever to load? The third generation iPads are blisteringly fast with Apple's latest A12X Bionic processor and 4GB (11-inch) or 6GB (12.9-inch) of RAM. The apps are superior in their operations, and once tested, it’s easy to see why Apply claims the iPad Pro can beat many laptops in terms of performance.
  • That being said, part of the reason Apple’s iPad Pros are so fast is because the iPad Pro is also running a stripped-down, iOS operating system. Apps like Spotify, Safari, Twitter, Word, iMovie, and all the rest are very hip and slick, but they're also all cut-down versions of the full, desktop editions – you just can't do as much with them as you can on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • On the iPad Pro models, the iPad software gets a dock, and the ability to run two apps side by side. These features are most frequently used on a bigger screen, which Apple understands. However, Apple is trying to close the gap between iOS and macOS, and this is one way to do just that.
  • Apple Pencil. Probably the most well-known upgrade to the iPad Pro models is the Apple Pencil (which posed many challenges for ZuguCase in the design phase). The Apple Pencil now attaches to the top (or side) of the iPad Pro with magnets, wirelessly charges, and pairs seamlessly. The Apple Pencil still has the same instant and sensitive response that it is known for, making these tablets the best in the business for digital artists.The new Apple Pencil now comes with a touch sensor on it to easily change the size and shape of a brush or pencil while using it.
  • The iPad Pro now features a USB Type-C port, which replaces the Lightning port of previous iPads. Could Apple be moving away from its proprietary connector?
  • The headphone jack has been removed. However, Apple does sell an adaptor to let you connect via USB Type-C. However, this is unneeded as you can enjoy your music and videos from the four speakers. Furthermore, with the advent and rise of bluetooth headphones, Apple sees the headphone jack as being superfluous in the future and therefore disposable since it takes up space.
  • Smart Keyboard Folio.The Smart Keyboard Folio now has two viewing angels and still serves as a keyboard and case for the iPad Pro, fitting snugly up against the keyboard.
  • Thinner. Classic Apple, the user wouldn’t expect Apple to fail to not make the iPad thinner. The bezel is thinner and the screen extends further towards the edges.

The iPad Pro third generation models are no doubt the best iPad tablets Apple has released. From performance to accessories, the 2018 iPad Pro models deliver. That being said, should you upgrade your iPad? That depends mainly on how you will use the tablet.

Like the name implies, the iPad Pro is for professionals who will use the iPad on a daily basis for a good chunk of the day. The other models won’t have as good of screen quality, they are a bit thicker, and accessories don’t work with them. Furthermore, the older iPad models are slower with a less powerful chip, but probably not to the point you’d notice it.

The price of the new iPad Pro models is hefty. Starting at $799 for the 11 inch model, you’d better make sure you are using your new iPad Pro if you invest in one. The iPad Pro will not replace your laptop, as iOS apps are still too limited. Expect to see the next innovations in iOS software. When that happens, the iPad Pro will begin to replace the laptop.

Should you replace your old iPad with the new 2018 iPad Pro models? The choice is yours, depending on how you use your tablet.

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