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Social Case Pro for iPhone 4/4S Employs Denser Material, Flash Glare Elimination

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

ZooGue Social Case Pro

Upgraded from the original Social Shell, our new <a href="

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hone-4s-social-shell-case/”>Social Case Pro for the iPhone 4 and 4S focuses on the little things. This fine attention to detail composes what we believe to be a perfect case, the perfect case.

With this product update we made buttons interchangeable for a customizeable experience, one that suits the personality of any user. Beyond coloration, an embossed logo and firm fit improve greatly upon the aesthetics of the original Social Shell.

We didn’t stop there. We increased the density of the TPU construct to improve drop and scratch protection. Moreover, improvements were made to the camera opening in order to reduce glare created by the flash.

This new and improved Social Case Pro is available regularly at $14.99 and for a limited time with only the small payment of shipping and handling. Redeem this offer with the promotional code “FreeZooGueAccessory” at checkout.