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Solving Problems with your iPad: “My iPad is Frozen”

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 25th Jan 2019

Solving Problems with your iPad: “My iPad is Frozen”

When your iPad freezes, it can be frustrating, especially if you were in the middle of a task. Most likely any recent work will be saved when your iPad freezes. Still, if it happens repeatedly, it can be an issue you’ll want to troubleshoot as this should not be a frequent occurrence. Zugu Case, a maker of iPad protective cases, offers tips to troubleshoot your iPad when it freezes.


The cause of a frozen iPad is usually apps. Some apps just don’t get along, similar to people. They don’t like each other; thus, they don’t talk, which leads to conflicts. Some solutions are:

  • Restart your iPad. If you read our previous blog post on troubleshooting your iPad, you learned that a lot of problems can be solved by simply rebooting it. This should be one of the first things you try when your iPad freezes. Restarting your computer automatically shuts down your apps that are running (which, odds are, one of them is the culprit). You’ll free up memory as well, which could have been a factor if you were running apps such as videos for example that use a lot of memory. To reboot your iPad, hold down the Sleep/Wake button.You may or may not get a screen that will confirm you want to shut down your iPad. If you do, confirm. If you don’t, simply keep holding the Sleep/Wake button down. In about 30 seconds, your screen will go black. Wait a few seconds, and then power your iPad back up by simply pressing the Sleep/Wake button. You’ll see the Apple logo as your iPad is restarting.
  • Troubleshoot the offending app. Do you know if it’s a specific app that you use that is causing the problem? Try rebooting your iPad first. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling your app, and then reinstalling your troublesome app. If you have an iPhone, deleting an app on your iPad is a similar process. Simply press down on the app until an “X” appears and the icon starts to jiggle. Click on the “X” to uninstall. Then, visit the Apple store to reinstall, and look under the Purchased tab. This should be free if you’ve purchased the app using the same Apple ID your iPad is connected to. If you are deleting an app with data stored on it, all of your data will be deleted as well. Remember to backup your data always before deleting your app.
  • Restore your iPad to new status. This translates to erasing your entire iPad and starting as if you just bought it. This is a drastic move and should only be undertaken if nothing else works. You make the call to decide if you want to restore your factory settings or if you want a professional Apple technician to take a look first. If you decide to tackle a complete rebooting of your iPad operating system, visit iTunes. Select your iPad from all of your devices and then click the Restore button. You’ll be prompted to backup all your data first in the Cloud if you haven’t already done so. Once your backup is complete, you are ready to restore your iPad to its original settings. This step should clear up any problems you are having that have to do with the operating system or any software. If you are still having problems, you’ll have to visit a certified Apple technician for help.

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