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Solving Problems with Your iPad: “My iPad is Zoomed In”

Posted by Zugu Case on 25th Feb 2019

Taking into account its users, iPads come with a zoom feature, so you can make the icons and text bigger. This is great for those with poor eyesight or for those whose vision can get fuzzy with smaller text. However, the iPad’s zoom feature is a bit tricky to manage and can get stuck in a font that is too big for you. Zugu Case makes the best iPad cases, and below, we’ll show you how to get your iPad out of zoom mode. Contact us today!


  • Double tap the iPad’s display. The zoom works by double tapping the screen with three fingers: your index, middle, and ring fingers all at the same time. This turns the zoom-in feature on and off. This should fix the problem. However, to prevent this from happening repeatedly, you can turn off the zoom feature in your iPad’s settings, which is the gear icon. It’s a good idea to have your settings button appear in your iPad’s dock if you haven’t done so already. You’ll go to General settings, and then find Accessibility. There, you’ll see Zoom.
  • Triple click the Home button. There is a shortcut for activating the zoom, which is by triple clicking the Home button. You can accidentally engage your zoom by triple clicking the Home button by not knowing this. You can turn this off in the Accessibility settings as well. You’ll also notice you can choose from a number of options for the triple click if you would like a shortcut for it.
  • Try pinch-to zoom. The pinch-to-zoom feature was invented by Apple and is one of the coolest features ever. It made zooming in with your camera either on your iPad or iPhone easy, intuitive, and natural. To pinch-to-zoom, you simply place your finger and thumb on the screen with a small space between them, and then move them away from each other to zoom out or closer to each other to zoom in. It’s that simple! That being explained, the pinch-to-zoom feature is different than the iPad’s zoom-in feature. The zoom-in feature is to enlarge the words for ease of reading content for those with poor vision. Some apps, such as Safari, allow us to use the pinch-to-zoom, however, for enlarging content, which leads to confusion (and your iPad being stuck in zoom mode). If the above tips aren’t working, try using the pinch-to-zoom feature to fix the zoom-in mode. If you do so, the zoom-out will fix the display.
  • Turn off the Zoom feature completely. In order to prevent further mishaps with the zoom-in feature, it’s advised to turn the zoom feature completely off. It can always be turned on again if needed. To do this, you go to General settings, and tap Accessibility. Tap Zoom, and then the On/Off button.


  • If you have good vision, simply leave zoom off.
  • If you struggle with blurriness, the Smart Typing setting will display the on-screen keyboard at the appropriate size without the keyboard being zoomed. This will keep your text in zoom mode without having a huge keyboard intruding the space.
  • Idle Visibility allows you to set how much of the zoom controller is visible when you are in zoom mode.
  • Zoom region allows you to toggle between full-screen zoom and a window zoom, which is like having the magnifying glass on the screen.

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