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Solving Problems with Your iPad: "My iPad Won’t Charge"

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 25th Jan 2019

Solving Problems with Your iPad: "My iPad Won’t Charge"

Nothing is worse than watching your iPad battery slowly drain to the point of dying, forcing you to rush what you are doing or prioritize tasking, leaving some undone. Usually, this is just temporary because you are away from home. But what if your iPad won’t hold a charge? What if this is a perpetual problem? Zugu Case, a maker of iPad cases, explores possible solutions if your ipad won’t hold a charge.


  1. Your iPad battery is dying. iPads are small electronic devices by design. They are meant to be your travel companion and fit in your briefcase, purse, backpack, or suitcase with ease. Hence, the batteries of iPads are inherently small in order to achieve the functionality of the iPad. Batteries tend to fade slowly, so look for a pattern of your iPad not wanting to hold its charge for very long.
  2. The way you charge your device. Let’s face it, many of us live in homes designed before the digital age, with electrical wired and designed for running a refrigerator and a TV set, not for charging electronic devices. Chances are, if your iPad is not holding a charge, it may be the way you are charging it.


  • Using your iPhone charger. If you’re using your iPhone charger to charge your iPad, chances are it’s not capable of charging your iPad in an acceptable amount of time. The iPad frankly takes more power to charge, so if you’re trying to use another charger (especially if the charger is older than two years old), it’s probably not cutting it. Chargers are created to charge the device they were manufactured for. That’s not to say you can’t use other devices to charge your iPad; it’s just expect delay or no progress, especially if the charger is older. For the new 2018 iPad Pro models, the standard iPhone charger would take forever. Luckily for you, Apple sells more powerful chargers for your iPhone that are better to use with your iPad. These are marked with its capacity. Look for "10w", "12w" or "24w" on the charger. A fun fact to know: your iPhone will charge faster using your iPad’s charger.
  • Using your Apple computer or even a different personal computer to charge your iPad. Think about it: the electricity from your wall has to travel through the cord to the computer, and then through the computer through the other cord to your iPad. There’s a lot of leakage points and chances are, your other electronic device is just not capable of charging your iPad, especially if your PC or Apple computer you are using is an older model. One indication you’re using an Apple laptop or PC or other electronic device not powerful enough to charge your iPad is the classic lightning bolt symbol that indicates your iPad is charging is missing. It may still be charging, but it doesn’t have enough juice to remind of such. If this is the case, Zugu Case recommends not using this method of charging. If you absolutely have to, then don’t use your iPad while it is charging if you want results. You may still be using more power than you’re gaining. A different method of charging is recommended.
  • Using the wall outlet. A wall outlet should be sufficient (even if your electrical is outdated) to charge your iPad. Try restarting your iPad first if the wall outlet is not working. This should help if a software problem is the cause. Then, check to make sure the light switch is on if you have your iPad plugged into an outlet wired to a switch. Restarting your iPad is as simple as holding down the Sleep/Wake button until the screen goes black, waiting a few seconds, and then powering the iPad back up.
  • Adapter is not working. Next, check the cable and the adapter themselves for signs of wear and tear or any other visible issues you may see. To check the adapter, simply plug your iPad into your computer using the cord. If you see the iconic lightning bolt, it’s the adapter, which is an easy fix by just purchasing a new one.
  • Cord not working. If upon plugging in your iPad to your computer, you don’t see the lightning bolt, this could be an indication your cord is the problem.
  • Charging port not working. Finally, check your charging port. Something may be clogging it, the most common culprit being dust or dirt, especially if you are not using the best iPad protective cases made by Zugu Case. Most of us don’t clean out our bags regularly, resulting in debris building at the bottom of our backpack, purse, and briefcase. An iPad cover will help prevent this problem since the charging port is covered while in the Zugu Case. Check the port with a flashlight. You can also use some small, skinny device to remove lint and dirt, just make sure your iPad is off before attempting. Tweezers are common choices. Blowing into the port works well too. An Apple technician can also clean your port if you bring your iPad to the store. This service is usually free.
  • Hardware issue. When all else fails, your iPad might not be charging due to a hardware issue. Although rare these days, these things do happen. An Apple technician can help.

If your iPad doesn’t want to charge, it’s probably not your tablet’s fault. Odds are, it’s an iPad accessory, such as an adapter, cord, or method that is the culprit.

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