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Solving Problems with Your iPad: “My iPad Won’t Connect to iTunes”

Posted by Zugu Case on 25th Feb 2019

As with all things Apple, they should all get along. The iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, and Macintosh computers and laptops should all be talking. When your iPad won’t communicate with iTunes, there are a few trouble-shooting things you can try to restore communication between the two before you resort to hauling in your iPad to an Apple store. Zugu Case, a manufacturer of the best iPad cases, offers up tips to help your iPad connect to iTunes. Order your iPad Pro case today!


  • Make sure your computer is talking to your iPad. The lightning bolt in the upper right-hand corner that appears when you connect your iPad to your computer is more than just a charging indicator. It also indicates if your computer recognizes your iPad. Even if you get “not charging,” your computer knows a device is connected — it just can’t charge the connected device. If you did not get a recognized symbol, you can try a different USB port, as the one you tried initially may be bad. Make sure you are plugging the USB directly into the computer and not using a USB hub or plugging it into any other external device, such as a keyboard. Your computer won’t recognize your iPad through another device. If your USB port is bad, you should be OK, as most Apple computers nowadays have multiple ports. However, if you do need more ports, a USB port is available for purchase at your local electronics store or online.
  • Your iPad is low on power. When your iPad is low on power, it might not function at capacity. The battery indicator on your iPad is located in the upper right-hand corner of your iPad. If the battery is less than 10 percent, allow your iPad to fully charge before trying to launch iTunes. You may have to utilize a power outlet to charge your iPad if your computer isn’t doing the job.
  • Reboot your computer. This age-old trick can potentially fix any problem you’re having with a computer or a computer accessory. In this instance, you’ll want to shut down the computer completely instead of just re-starting it. Power down your computer, and let it sit for a few seconds before starting it up. Do the same thing with your iPad. To reboot your iPad, there’s a suspend button in the upper right-hand corner of the iPad on top. Hold this button down for several seconds. A red button with an arrow should appear, which will indicate which direction to slide to power off the device. You’ll know your iPad is shut down when the screen blackens. Then, just like with your computer, wait a few seconds and press the same button down again to start it up. As with all of Apple’s devices, the infamous Apple will appear, which will tell you it is powering up. Then, once both devices have rebooted, connect the iPad to iTunes and try again. This step will usually solve the problem.
  • When the above troubleshooting steps don’t work, re-installing iTunes is the next recommended step. Don’t freak out over this step; you won’t lose any music or apps that are in your iTunes account on your computer. First, you’ll want to uninstall iTunes on your computer. You do this by going into iTunes itself, and hitting uninstall. In Windows, you can uninstall iTunes by going to your Control Panel under the Start menu. You will right-click on iTunes once your find it in the menu, and click uninstall. After this step, simply download the latest version of iTunes back onto your computer, and you should be good to go with your iPad.
  • If all of these still don’t work (which is rare), you might have a more serious problem that will probably need to be addressed by an Apple technician. The problem can be caused by problems with drivers, system files, or software conflicts. A virus or malware could also be causing the problem. Interestingly, anti-virus software itself can interfere with the running of other programs. You can try to temporarily turn off the anti-virus software while iTunes is running. Just remember to turn your protection from viruses back on. A visit to an Apple store may be in order if all else fails.

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