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Solving Problems with Your iPad: “My iPad Won’t Rotate”

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 25th Jan 2019

Solving Problems with Your iPad: “My iPad Won’t Rotate”

Part of the appeal of an iPad is its ability to mimic the iPhone’s capabilities but with a larger screen and a bit more functionality. Having the screen on you iPad rotate makes certain tasks easier — playing video games and taking pictures, for example. Hence, when your iPad won’t rotate, it diminishes its appeal somewhat and is overall just frustrating. Zugu Case, the maker of the best iPad cases and covers, offers tips for troubleshooting your iPad’s rotating function.


  • It’s the app. Not all apps (especially older ones that haven’t been updated) rotate. To check to see if it’s the app and not your iPad that won’t rotate, open up the app itself. Then return to the home screen (just click the Home button) and try rotating. If the app rotates, then you know the problem was either the app’s rotating abilities weren’t engaged, or you were on a different screen than the home screen.
  • It’s the lock function. Apple iPads have the ability to lock the rotating function. This can be beneficial when used by children and the iPad is moved around a lot. This is a quick and easy fix. Simply go into the iPad’s Control Panel. Depending on which operating system you have, you’ll either swipe your finger down from the upper righthand corner or it’ll be from the very bottom edge of the iPad to the top on older models. Make sure you swipe beginning where the screen meets the bezel near the Home Button. Once you see the Control Panel, the Lock Button will be an icon of a lock with a circle around it to indicate rotation. If it’s highlighted, it means it’s on. Just tap it to turn it off, and then close the Control Panel by pressing down on the Home Button, or doing the opposite swipe move you just performed to open up the Control Panel.

If you can’t get the Control Panel to appear, it’s probably due to the model of the iPad you are using. The older iPads will probably need an update to its operating system since the rotating function is a relatively new feature on the iPad. One word of caution: if you own the original iPad, you won’t be able to upgrade to the new Apple iOS (in which case, it might be time to upgrade to a new iPad). The older iPads are simply not powerful enough to run the new Apple iOS. However, there are still some things you can do if you own the original iPad:

  • Next to the volume buttons is a switch that locks the position of the screen. Flip the switch to restore the rotating function. The volume buttons are located on the side of the iPad. You’ll see an arrow with a circle if this function is indeed activated once your flip the switch.
  • It could be the side switch is a mute function instead of a lock button. You’ll know this because instead of an arrow appearing when you flipped the switch, you’ll see a speaker icon with a line running through it appear.
  • You can change what that side switch does by visiting the iPad’s settings. Settings are indicated by an icon with a gear that rotates. Once the settings are open, click on “General.” Look for “Use Side Switch to,” followed by a list. In that list should be an option to change the lock rotation. Press the Home button to exit Settings. Flip the side switch now. Your iPad should be set now to rotate.


  • Rebooting your iPad. This is your go-to for any problem with most electronic devices. Try restarting your iPad by simply holding down the Sleep/Wake button until the screen goes black. Wait a few seconds, and then hit this button again to turn your iPad back on.
  • System setting restoration. This last-ditch step should only be considered when all else fails. You can restore the factory settings on your iPad, which should fix the rotating problem. However, be aware you need to back up all of your date in the Cloud before you do this. You may want to visit an Apple technician first before rebooting your entire iPad, or you may decide this drastic step is not worth it just so your screen will rotate.

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