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Best Uses of iPad for Business

Posted by Zugu Case on 24th Jun 2019

iPads have been around for a while now and have made huge strides as technology has as well. It used to be clunky with not a lot of features. Today, the iPad is as powerful (or depending on which model you get, more powerful) than a desktop or laptop. It can do anything a regular computer can do (with iPad accessories) with the added benefits of being a small, mobile device. That being said, exactly how can an iPad help you in your business?Zugu Case, the maker of the best iPad covers, will take
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iPad Cases Out and About: Part 2 of iPad at the Pool

Posted by Zugu Case on 25th Mar 2019

Lazy days at the pool is something many of us cherish. The kids splash and swim, gaining valuable water skills as well as getting important exercise and having fun, while you lounge in the shade with your iPad, checking emails, responding to text messages, and getting some work done. However, occasionally you want a dip in the pool. When you return, you find your iPad accidentally got left in the sun. Now what do you do? Zugu Case, a manufacturer of the best iPad cases for all iPad models,
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