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​iPads In The Workplace

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 12th Nov 2018

The iPad is one of Apple’s most powerful and innovative creations. When its built-in capabilities are combined with the app store, it becomes a powerful machine capable of handling a wide variety of tasks. While most people may use their Apple iPads at home for personal entertainment, more and more businesses are turning to iPads to help improve the efficiency of their businesses. In today's article, we are going to look at a few sectors that are harnessing the potential of the iPad.Looking for
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First Things To Do With A New iPad

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 11th Nov 2018

You’ve just removed your Apple iPad from its box. Congratulations! what? If you are a little unsure about getting your iPad up and running, don’t worry. In today’s blog post, we are going to walk you through the process of setting up your iPad, learning essential features, and having an all-around enjoyable experience.Secure Your iPad When you first open your iPad, you’ll be greeted with hellos in a variety of languages. First, select your preferred language. Before you jump into games
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How To Speed Up A Slow iPad — Pt. 2

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 9th Nov 2018

Modern iOS operating systems are well-built and require minimal maintenance. However, if you own an older iPad — or just a new iPad that isn’t quite as fast as it used to be — you may have noticed that it just doesn’t run the way it used to. If this is the case for you, be sure to check out How To Speed Up A Slow iPad — Pt. 1, and read on to learn about some more tips to speed up your iPad.Tip 6: Check Your Internet Connection SpeedIf you notice most of the sluggish behavior when you are on a we
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How To Speed Up A Slow iPad — Pt. 1

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 5th Nov 2018

Has your iPad lost some of its giddyup? Want to speed it up? Check out these simple tips to speed up a slow iPad. If you are in need of a high-quality iPad case to protect your tablet, shop out ZUGU CASE. Our iPad cases are built to not only provide protection from drops and scratches, but they are also designed to provide unrivaled functionality.Tips to speed up your sluggish iPad. Tip 1: Delete Old AppsWe are all guilty of downloading apps that we never use. If you are prone to doing this, the
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How To Use An iPad As A Second Monitor

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 4th Nov 2018

If you have a small laptop, you may find yourself yearning for more screen. Whether you are working, gaming, or just browsing, having dual screens can double your screen real estate. But what if you don’t have another screen? Can you use your iPad as a second monitor? Yes, you sure can! In fact, because this connection is software-based, using an iPad as a second screen may offer more benefits than a traditional monitor. These apps support things like touch, gestures, pressure sensitivity, Apple
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