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The Best Educational iPad Apps for Kids

28th Nov 2018

The Best Educational iPad Apps for Kids

Limiting screen time is important to most parents. With so many tasks now that a computer is needed for, in addition to TV and video games, kids are spending less and less time outdoors. Most parents, in fact, spend more time trying to figure out how to get their kids outside than the actual time their kids spend outside.

Zugu Case, a maker of the best protective iPad Pro cover cases, supports parents in their desire to see their kids spend time outdoors. Research shows kids need to be outside for both their physical and mental well-being. However, there are times when having an iPad for your child is not a bad thing, such as when traveling or stuck in a long line somewhere. Furthermore, if your kids are allowed screen time (most parents allocate some time for this a day), why not make that time educational? Computers, when used properly, are great learning tools for kids — and sometimes are even better than teachers for keeping kids engaged and learning despite dull topics, such as seed germination. Zugu Case has pulled together our favorite educational apps for kids.


  • KHAN ACADEMY. Likely you have heard of Khan Academy and may even have used it yourself. Khan Academy in a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing free education on every subject you can think of — and then some such as personal development. Khan Academy is the most comprehensive educational app available for the iPad. Included is every subject for K-12, such as math, biology, chemistry, finance, writing, and history. Khan academy is all videos, and the iPad app boasts 4,200 in its collection specifically designed for kids of all levels from babies to high school. While not as entertaining as some of the other apps, Khan Academy is the only one that all learning levels can use and that has all subjects in one place.
  • PBS KIDS VIDEO. This app focuses on allowing kids to view their favorite PBS shows. Their video library is added to every week, keeping it new and relevant. Also, parents are able to put controls on the material as well.
  • STAR WALK. If you want to use your iPad as part of the learning process, this app will turn your iPad into a real-time sky chart able to identify stars and constellations. Simply point your iPad at the sky, and the app will identify what you are seeing. Great for science lessons, amateur astronomers, and stargazers alike. It also teaches you about the galaxy, planets, moons, and man-made satellites circling the earth.
  • WWF TOGETHER. This award-winning app for the iPad introduces you and your child to the world’s endangered animals, such as elephants and giant pandas. With stunning photos and a modern design, this World Wildlife Fund app will help promote conservation of our environment and planet.
  • ULTIMATE DINOPEDIA: COMPLETE DINOSAUR REFERENCE. If you have a dinosaur junkie in the family (one who can name all the dinosaurs and what period they lived in), then this iPad app by the National Geographic Society is for them. With more than 700 dinosaurs, your budding paleontologist can learn the latest discoveries on dino sizes, skin colors and fun facts. Stats galore and much more await.
  • PRINCESS FAIRY TALE MAKER. For the girls (most likely) who dream themselves princesses, this iPad app allows them to create their own fairy tales with them as the stars! Use the stock scenes or create your own. Perfect for the story-teller in your family!
  • TYNKER. If you have a budding computer programmer in the family, Tynker is the iPad app for you. Using visual coding languages, Tyner introduces kids to basic programming concepts, utilizing adventure puzzles. This iPad app promotes spatial visualization, algorithmic thinking and logic and loop variations. Advanced levels can be purchased for this iPad app.
  • DINORAMA. Another dinosaur iPad app, this app teaches kids the value of money. Essentially, kids are owners of a dinosaur zoo where they have to build habitats, hire employees, and save money in their "piggy" bank for future expenses. On the surface, this is a learn about money iPad app. However, deeper lessons are learned, such as the intricacies of how to run a business as well as a renewed appreciation for their local zoo.
  • STACK THE STATES. Most of us remember having to learn the States and their capitals. And most of us remember how boring that was. With this iPad app, make learning the States, their capitals, and much more, such as location and flags, fun. Your child answers questions correctly to unlock games. Complemented with flash cards, this iPad app will have your child scoring 100 percent on the State capital tests.
  • MEET SCIENCE: MAGNETISM AND ELECTRICITY. Most State standards require children to learn about magnetism and electricity at some point in their educational career. This iPad app makes magnetism and electricity fun and exciting as kids learn the basics at their own pace and reinforce the knowledge through experiments, games, and a glossary. Whether your child loves science or is required to learn this material, this iPad app delivers.
  • BEST BOOKS FOR TWEENS. Parents want to instill in our children a love of reading that will continue throughout their lives. However, as kids get older, it’s harder and harder to find great books that will keep them engaged and reading. With this iPad app, tweens can recommend books they like, tag the books, and add them to their wish list or books completed list. This iPad app is also a great resource for parents who often struggle to know what books their children would like at what ages. This iPad app lists the top-rated books primarily for the 5th and 6th grade levels.

In writing this blog post, Zugu Case found it hard to narrow down the list. If there is a subject you or your children want to learn about, chances are there’s an app for it. And a word of caution to parents: some of these apps are just as educational for parents as they are for children, and you may find yourself sneaking your kids’ iPad Pro to “play” these educational games, videos, and learning experiences. Most of us didn’t grow up with this technology, which can be a reason for our hesitancy for embracing it. However, technology when used wisely, can open up worlds your child never dreamed possible — something all parents dream for their children.

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