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The iPad in a Leather iPad Case: A New Subculture

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

Mobile computing isn’t new. The concept itself has been around since the abacus was invented by our ancestors. However, mobile computing as we know today – that is, the idea of a personal computer compressed into a hand-held device – is only a few years young, and the novelty is yet to wear out.

Apple Computer is almost always the trend-setter in this regard if not the actual innovator, thanks to its effective marketing machine. First, they ushered the entrance of portable media players to the mainstream consumer world with the iPod. Next, they revolutionized the smart phone market and initiated the said device’s mass adoption with the iPhone. More recently, they have successfully marketed the tablet computer to the mainstream market. This is what they have achieved with their well-received iPad devices.

The release of the iPad undoubtedly started a trend among manufacturers of mobile computing devices, who immediately put out series after series of tablet computers. While other brands have overtaken Apple in the consumer market, one thing remains clear: Apple has once again secured loyal fans for its product the iPad. This cult following has undoubtedly created an entire class of mobile device consumers who proudly carry their iPads in leather iPad cases or something just as classy.

These people often see carrying an iPad as a fashion statement, while many of them also decided to own an iPad for its practical merits – communication, content consumption, entertainment, and all the other useful bits and pieces. Indeed, you can almost say that the very ownership of this said mobile computing device is actually a way of life, the basis of any culture or subculture of a culture as we know it.

As such, it is not really that hard to see why owners of an iPad take great pains to protect and maintain their beloved mobile device. Of course, you can always say that this is because it simply is pricey, much like all the other Apple products out there. However true that may be, we cannot discount the fact that many people do so out of genuine sentiment – the iPad practically gives them a sense of belonging to the so-called “Mac community“, and that is kind of a big deal on its own. That’s not to mention that, as we have previously iterated, iPads are actually useful for a good number of people.

Thus, owners of the iPad take plenty of steps to protect the said mobile device and increase its longevity. For that matter, many spend on protective peripherals like iPad covers and cases. These are often separate purchases, and many iPad users don’t mind pouring their hard earned money on them. Of course, who wouldn’t want to spend on something that could protect something that serves as the very backbone of their way of life?

We can say that the iPad has created a subculture that appreciates its elegant design and functionality comprised of a variety of people. Certainly not just the snobby Starbucks customer types keeping their Apple tablets in a leather iPad case!