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The Price of Innovation

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 26th Nov 2018

The Price of Innovation

Hard work and innovation are the hallmarks of the best products and inventions. The light bulb, the automobile, steel manufacturing, mathematical formulas, and theories of relativity have all changed the world. The best minds were behind these inventions. Sure, these were smart people, but they are not much different from the average guy. They all had certain qualities that made innovation work. Zugu Case, the top-quality case maker for the iPad, knows what it takes to create innovative products that satisfy a need and, in turn, change the world. Contact us today for more information on all of our products.


  1. Tenacity. Determined, persistent, resolute, and indefatigable are other ways to describe tenaciousness. For Zugu Case, this is our guiding light: to produce the best protective cover for iPads and not to stop until we have accomplished our mission. Constantly striving to improve, Zugu Case loves customer feedback on our cases, which we incorporate into our new models. Having your iPad survive a catastrophe is our goal.
  2. Never giving up. Having a dream and sticking to your dream no matter the obstacles or the naysayers or the impossibilities is this characteristic that Zugu Case incorporates in all that we do. Edison tried 1,000 times to make the light bulb before he succeeded. What if he had quit at 999? Our world would be a very different place.
  3. Long hours. Zugu Case understands this one well as we’ve been working around the clock to incorporate Apple’s Pencil that magnetically connects and charges on the top side of the iPad. Staying up until 2 am, looking at problems from different angles, and getting up early the next morning is how most of our iPad covers were created. Being driven by one thought — to create the best — helps.
  4. Execution. Innovators are able to implement their ideas and changes to create something new. So many potential entrepreneurs are stuck in the vision stage. It’s the actual doing of the work, the sacrifices, the trial and error, and the seeking out of resources (either capital or human) to accomplish your mission. And to not stop until then.
  5. Vision. Vision is more than just a vague idea of how to improve a product. A vision also incorporates the visualization of the product, what it does, how it’s made, and, once it’s made, how it impacts society and the world at large. If you’re vision is not complete, you’ll get lost down the wrong path and end up tabling your idea. Henry Ford’s vision was for every person to drive a Model-T car. And he came pretty close to his vision.

Zugu Case believes in innovation. It is at the core of what we do. Determined to create an iPad case that was functional and aesthetically pleasing that would withstand the beating of a two-year old, would stand on its own, would hold the pencil, and have a soft, microfiber interior to protect your iPad from scratches and dings, Zugu Case offers a 100-percent customer satisfaction policy, or you can return your iPad case at no charge.

Zugu Case is determined to develop an iPad cover case for the new 2018 iPad Pro 11 and 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 in time for Christmas. When Apple announced their new wireless-charging pencil, Zugu Case tackled the unexpected change as an innovator: with tenacity, long hours, vision, and an execution plan that had no option to surrender.

Our new Muse Case for the iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 will allow the new Apple Pencil to charge wirelessly on the top side of the case, then you can store it in the back protective elastic pocket. We’ve beefed up our bumper edges for added protection while keeping our adjustable magnetic stand.

Zugu Case believes our Muse Cases for the iPad Pro models 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 are our best ever! We are accepting preorders for a ship date by December 18th — just in time for Christmas. We offer a one-year warranty and 30-day risk-free trial period for you to try this out for yourself. Visit us on Instagram and Facebook to see updates to the creation of our new 2018 Muse Cases for the iPad Pro models. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Pre-order yours today!