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The Unrivaled Functionality Of ZUGU iPad Cases

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 23rd Oct 2018

When we set out to make an iPad case, we didn’t just want one that would protect your iPad. We wanted to build a case that would also give you unsurpassed functionality, style, and versatility. We are proud to report that we accomplished our mission. We now offer one of the best all-around iPad cases on the market. Here’s what makes our iPad cases so special.

Super Secure Magnetic Stand

Different activities require different viewing angles. We understand this, and it’s why we’ve made our iPad cases capable of being adjusted to a variety of different angles. On top of this, our kickstand is made to lock in place. Once you select your desired angle, you can count on it staying in place.

5-ft. Drop Protection

Although the iPad is remarkably durable, it is not impervious to damage. If you drop it on your tile floor or it falls out of your bag on your morning commute, this could do some serious damage to your powerful tablet. To avoid this from happening, we have equipped our protective iPad cases with robust bumpers that provide superior drop protection while also maximizing screen access, portability, and stand functionality.

High-Quality Materials

To make a quality product, you have to use quality materials. We understand this at ZUGU CASE, and it is why we use only the finest materials to construct our cases. From our soft microfiber interior to our sleek anti-rip exterior, which is made of a material similar to that used in the interior of Mercedes Benz vehicles, we use only top-notch materials.

Auto Sleep / Wake Cover

While iPad batteries are getting better and better, it is still helpful to optimize your battery life with smart features. One such feature is a smart cover that automatically puts your iPad to sleep when not in use. At ZUGU CASE, we have equipped our cases with a smart cover that can help you get the most out of your battery life. When you close your ZUGU case cover, your iPad will go to sleep, and when you open it, it will wake up.

Secure Magnetic Cover

Wish you could magically attach your iPad to the fridge while you prepare dinner? You can! And you don’t even need magic. All you need is ZUGU CASES magnetic iPad cover. Our case allows you to securely mount your iPad to virtually any metal surface.

Stylus Holder

Keep your stylus safe, secure, and ready to go with our built-in stylus holder. The stylus holder on our cases is designed to fit the Apple Pencil. However, it is made of elastic and can accommodate a wide variety of iPad styluses.

Ready To Order Your iPad Case?

ZUGU iPad cases are pioneers in iPad protection and functionality. While our protective cases offer superior drop and tear protection, they also fit closely to the iPad, showing off its natural beauty and lightweight appearance. We currently have iPad Pro 10.5 cases, iPad Pro 12.9 cases, and iPad 9.7 cases. Get yours today!