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Tim Cook Makes iPhone 5 Announcement

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

As Tim Cook took the stage today, he sped through what the investors wanted to hear and began at once the iPhone 5 announcement. He said that the first of the iPhone 5’s have already begun making their way from the factory to the shelves of your local store and they will be available for purchase as of September 21st. Behind the curtain of the usual “Be back soon” Apple Store landing page, we see Apple’s highly-rated customer service representatives preparing for a rush of pre-orders like never before. Pricing follows the typical range of $199 to $399, with memory capacity varying accordingly.

Sacrificing nothing, Apple made the iPhone 5 the fastest of their mobile devices, featuring an A6 processor, ready for twice the load. A key component of the iPad 3, the A5X, offers graphics that helped Apple bridge the remainder of the mobile gaming gap. Apple didn’t forget said graphics in their A6, a crucial element for a fluid gaming interface on the 4″ (1136-by-640-pixel resolution, 16:9 ratio) display.

LTE, the next generation in mobile connectivity, is known to many as 4G. Apple, following their iPad 3 LTE update, now offers the iPhone 5 with LTE coverage by carriers AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. The iPhone 5 offers a connection up to 150 mb/second, and introduced a larger battery to compensate for LTE’s tendency to rapidly drain battery.

Apple introduced iOS 6 as well, the perfect complement for the black-and-slate, white-and-silver iPhone 5. The iOS 6 update includes panorama mode, which offers a 180 degree view of the area around you, an even better way to show your friends where you are and what’s up.

Speaking of complements, Apple will include a set of the new EarPods, a more comfortable pair of Apple’s headphones that offer higher-quality acoustics, with your iPhone, as well as the new 19-pin dock connector known as Lightning. Rather than watching customers complain about accessory incompatibility, Apple offers an adapter to connect the iPhone 5, and other devices utilizing Lightning, with “legacy 30-pin accessories.”

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