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Top Tips For Carrying Your iPad When Biking

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 11th Jun 2018

One of the best things about owning an iPad is how easy it is to transport your device from place to place. Gone are the days of lugging around massive laptops that are difficult to carry and killer for your back. With the mobility of an iPad, it is tempting to take the device on every single excursion. Offering you an easy way to surf the web, catch up on your favorite show, or even dive into the latest novel by your favorite author, your iPad is so much more than just a computer — it is a key to the world.

During the summer months, as you traverse around your town and along hidden trails, it is almost certain that you will want to bring your iPad along for the ride. Before you hit the road, make sure you are ready for the trails with the proper iPad protector and check out these helpful tips for keeping your beautiful device safe, no matter where the road calls.

Invest In A Quality Backpack Or Panniers

One of the first things you will want to consider is the actual method of transporting your iPad. You have a few options. You can either use a carrier that you wear, such as a backpack or messenger bag, or you can use a carrier that attaches to your bicycle.

Either way, you will want to invest in a high quality bag. Make sure the bag has sufficient room for your iPad, as well as a few other items you might want to throw in. If you opt for panniers, ensure that they are extremely durable and attach securely to your bike. If you choose to wear a carrier, pick something that will be comfortable for you and won’t put any strain on your back during long rides.

With both choices for transportation, it is wise to pick something that will handle any weather. Choose a waterproof bag that can withstand the elements, particularly if you are an off-road cyclist.

Be Aware Of Your Route

When you hit the road with your bags securely attached, think about what path you are taking. If you are choosing a smooth glide through city streets, your bag probably won’t undergo too much vibration. However, if you plan to explore mountain trails or you live in a neighborhood where there are more potholes than smooth pavement, you might want to add extra padding to your bag.

Another way you can minimize the amount your iPad is flung around in its container is by investing in a bike with a good shock system. For those who enjoy riding the trails, shocks will be a relief for not only your iPad, but also your own body.

Whatever the situation, make sure your iPad is securely in place in the bag of your choosing. The less room it has to slip and slide, the better.

Plan Ahead For Storms

During the summer months, it is quite possible that your sunny, beautiful bike ride will turn into a wet, stormy experience. Make sure that if you live in an area prone to thunderstorms, you plan ahead for the weather. As we mentioned above, choosing a carrier that is waterproof will be beneficial so that you can protect your iPad from any weather.

Even if you do have a waterproof bag, it never hurts to add a little extra protection against the elements. You can wrap your iPad and its case in a bag or other waterproof material before placing it in your backpack or panniers. For particularly wet weather, most panniers can be covered with small tarps. This will help ensure no water touches your belongings, leaving you with a dry iPad when you arrive at your destination.

Add Extra Protection With A Rugged iPad Case

While your bag will provide a decent amount of protection for your iPad, don’t stop there. Invest in a rugged iPad case if you are the type of person who enjoys taking your iPad wherever you go. The right iPad protector will ensure that your device is secure no matter what trail you encounter. Not only will a rugged iPad case help protect your iPad on the go, it will make it more enjoyable to use when you arrive at your destination.

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