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Travel Tips — Pt. 2

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 19th Sep 2018

Travel Tips — Pt. 2

In our last blog post, we offered some travel tips. In today’s post, we are going to pick up right where we left off and pass on even more tips to help you make the most of your travels. Whether you are setting off on your first globe-trotting adventure or your tenth, this list is intended to serve as a reminder for how to travel and how to celebrate the joys of traveling.

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Below are some travel tips to prepare you for your next adventure:

Take Photos

In today’s world where cell phones are practically appendages, this tip could probably be left off. But when caught up in the excitement of traveling, seeing new places, and meeting new people, you can forget to take photos. Rather than trying to capture every single moment of your travels, instead be mindful and selective with your photos. Also, don’t just take a bunch of selfies either. Pictures you take with people you meet or at places where you experienced something meaningful will be much more important to you in the long run.

Be Open

Most people are friendly and have much more in common with you than not. Remembering this can make all the difference when traveling. If you travel with an open mind and open personality, you are sure to meet some special people who will stand out in your memory for years to come. After all, the relationships you create while traveling can be the thing that makes traveling feel so meaningful.


While photos can serve as solid reminders of your travels, they shouldn’t be the only type of recording you do while traveling. Keeping a journal or a simple travel log, where you jot down a few lines each day, can be a habit your future self is forever grateful for. 

Leave Your Comfort Zone

While we’re not encouraging you to go cave diving if you’re claustrophobic, we do recommend making attempts to leave your personal comfort zone in smart and calculated ways. Doing this can help overcome petty anxieties and introduce you to new experiences that you might miss had you stayed in your cozy comfort zone.

Get Insured

Before you set off on your adventures, it’s crucial to check with your insurance provider and make sure you will be covered while away from home. If not, you need to get travel insurance. Not convinced? Do some research on horror stories of travelers injuring themselves in remote places, and somehow amassing thousands and thousands of dollars in hospital bills.

Try New Food

Traveling is all about embracing the new, the novel, the unexplored. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is through food. When traveling to a new country, try as much new food as you can. Don’t overthink it, and get hung up on parsing the dish and thinking about whether or not you like each ingredient. If it looks good and other people are eating, it’s worth trying. If you don’t let your guard down a bit, you might never get to experience some truly delicious foods.

Take Rest Days

If you are traveling for a long period of time, don’t forget to take some time to relax and do very little. This can help you decompress and also help you contextualize and appreciate all that you’re doing and how awesome and lucky it is to get to travel. When you are feeling overwhelmed, slow down, go to a coffee shop, people watch, wander leisurely, chat up locals, and just take it all in.

Be Respectful

Traveling internationally presents a unique opportunity. It allows you to be an unofficial ambassador for your country. Don’t forget this. Keep in mind that you are a guest in someone else’s country. By simply being polite, respectful, and smiling, you’ll be more approachable and more apt to make friends and receive the warm smiles of locals.

Don’t Forget To Protect Your iPad

The iPad is a great travel companion. Whether you want to unwind after a busy day with some movies, help plan for your next day’s adventure, or want to jot down all your memories quickly, the iPad allows you to do this and much, much more. However, if you are thousands of miles away from home, and you accidentally drop your iPad walking out of a bus, leaving it inoperable, it’s not going to do much good for you. To prevent this, you need a protective iPad case that will offer superior drop protection while also not reducing functionality and appearance. We’ve got just what you’re looking for — shop ZUGU CASE today!