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Travel Tips — Pt. 1

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 14th Sep 2018

Travel Tips — Pt. 1

Summer is in full swing. Hopefully, this means you’ve already taken some great summer trips. However, if you’ve yet to set out on any summer adventures, we’ve got some traveling tips and reminders for you.

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Travel tips to improve your time away from home:

Pack Light

The lessons learned from traveling can be invaluable and varied from person to person. One common realization that many people come to after spending a while traveling is that they don’t actually need all the things they think they need. Keep this in mind when packing and preparing for your trip. Opt for a smaller pack with only the essentials, because generally speaking the lighter your backpack is, the better. Believe it or not, in most places you travel, you’ll be able to buy all that you need if you’ve forgotten something essential.

Try Traveling By Yourself

Being alone in a new, foreign place can be daunting. However, persevering through this discomfort can yield some invaluable insights. Specifically, this can help you improve your self-reliance, independence, confidence, ability to socialize, and give you some much-needed time for introspection. Plus, if you bring your iPad or phone, you’ll be able to plug back into your social circle every night.

Shop Around...But Not Too Much

When booking your plane tickets, hotel rooms, and other attractions, be sure to shop around for the best price. While you shouldn’t let the price comparing give you analysis paralysis, shopping around will almost certainly help you find the best deals. 

Be Patient

Traveling is all about embracing the unknown and learning to roll with whatever challenges arise. Some seasoned travelers will even tell you that you should just expect virtually everything to go wrong (in terms of plans). This is because, regardless of how prepared you are, you will almost surely get lost, miss a bus, have some food that doesn’t sit right, etc.. Don’t beat yourself up when these things happen. Learn to be patient and surrender to the journey.

Use Points

Free money allows you to see more of the world. But wait, who’s handing out free money? Well, no one. But there are many great loyalty programs that will reward you for all of your purchases, which is kind of like free money. Take advantage of these points when traveling. If you are loyal to one airline or card, this can have great payoffs in the long run.

Get A No-Fee Card

While on the subject of cards, it’s important to have a card that helps keep your hard-earned dollars — and travel fuel — in your bank account. If you have a bank card that chargers steep fees each time you withdrawal, this will add up and become quite the nuisance. Additionally, you will want to bring several cards and forms of payment. This will ensure that if you lose your card or something gets frozen (don’t forget to tell your bank you’ll be traveling!), you won’t be completely at the mercy of others. You’ll have an alternative form of payment.

Additional money-saving tip: don’t exchange your money at the airport. This will almost always give you the worst exchange rate. Instead, go to an ATM at the airport.

Don’t Overplan

For the super organized, planning brings comfort. Conversely, playing it by ear can be anxiety-inducing. Depending on where you fall on this spectrum, try to stretch yourself by leaving some wiggle room in your plans. Allow some of your days to unfold naturally.

Learn Language Basics

No country expects its visitors to be fluent in the native language. However, taking the time to learn a few basic words — thank you, please, hello — can signal a deep respect that will make all the rest of your interactions easier. Additional language note: even if you don’t learn any of the languages, don’t expect citizens of other countries to understand you, no matter how loud or slowly you speak. If they don’t understand you, it’s your problem, not theirs. For this reason, keep a phrase book or translation app handy.

Pack The iPad

As we mentioned in our last blog, because of its remarkable capabilities and portability, the iPad is the ultimate travel companion. It can serve as your computer, your daily journal, your map, your social media portal, your trip guide, and a thousand other roles.

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Check back for Travel Tips — Pt. 2.