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[UPDATE #2] Exclusive “iPad Nano” Images Surface

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

UPDATE #1: Another source close to the topic has told us that Apple is indeed manufacturing a miniature iPad in Foxconn’s Shenzhen factory.

UPDATE #2: Our original source for the pictures tells us that the iPad shown below as well as the iPhone 5 will not be announced on June 11th at WWDC 2012.

Just days ahead of Apple’s WWDC 2012, our anonymous source has provided us with pictures of an iPad with miniature proportions. Low resolution excused, the images give us a great look at the housing of what may be the “iPad Nano,” which has recently attracted so much speculative attention.

We were provided with information contradictory to current rumors. Instead of being the rumored 7.85 inches diagnostically, the display will take on a 7.58 inch form factor. When the iPad was originally released it was criticized for being a “giant iPhone”, but today it is the leader of the tablet breed. A 7.58″ iPad might provoke such comments, but Amazon and Samsung have proven that their tablets are not strictly made to be 10.1 inches. Agreeing on the topic is Apple CEO Tim Cook, who grinned at speculation of a smaller model of their best-selling tablet at D10. He said, “Whenever we can do fantastic products and they have different price points, we’ll do that, we don’t have a religion about making one product.”



Both the “iPad Nano” (Left) and the iPhone 5 (Right) feature the same unknown dock connector

Instead of a thirty-pin dock connector, the “iPad Nano” takes on a variant pictured only once elsewhere. The size difference between the thirty-pin and this new mysterious port is substantial, possibly suggesting a switch to microUSB by Apple amidst pushes for regulations that implement a universal charging solution for mobile technologies.

WWDC 2012 is nearing only to make the rumors more vague. With the rumor-mill at full steam we won’t know what to think until Tim Cook takes the stage in a Jobs-esque keynote. No matter what Apple conjures up this time; we will be reminded that even when Steve is gone Apple will stay true to their traditional ways and, “Think different.”