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What’s in store for us in the new Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus?

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

Apple has done it again! They have released their new model of smart phones with innovative features: the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, both of which were launched in San Francisco.

iPhone 6s looks identical with iPhone 6. However, the noticeable change to this year’s smart phones is its “3D Touch.” This is a pressure-sensitive display technology that lets the owner push in to do new tasks.

With regards to its design, nothing has changed except the new color which is rose gold. Apple said that it may look identical but the inner strength had improved.

They used a different grade of aluminum for its chassis and they call it Series 7,000. They have also included Force Touch. If you try to press it down, you can pull up context-sensitive menus, switch apps, or examine photos. Another use is to access shortcuts from the home screen. Applying fingertip pressure to an element in a message will surface more information in the email inbox.

Pressing harder on an app will generate more options as well such as viewing photos of a contact’s Instagram photo stream. When playing a game, if you press harder, you could zoom in to get closer to the action.

The camera also improved with 12-megapixels and an autofocus feature that will pick up the pace and color accuracy. The front camera on the other hand is now 5-megapixels. Instead of including a flash for the front-facing camera, Apple used the home screen to light up instead. Its Live Photos turns stills into a video or GIF. The video recording is now 4K at 3,840×2,16pixel resolution.

Apple also said that they now have a faster form of LTE Advanced and will include support for the latest greatest Wi-Fi networks. The two new phones will run on iOS 9 with a smarter Siri and up to three hours longer battery life plus a new Low Power Mode.

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