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What’s the Difference Between a Tablet and a Computer?

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 5th Nov 2018

Everywhere you go people are on some sort of electronic device: on the subway, the bus, restaurants, your workplace, the grocery store, sports events, soccer games, the library, and school. These devices vary from tablets to cell phones to computers to a hand-held video games. But what’s the difference between a tablet and a computer? Zugu Case specializes in making protective iPad cover cases. Today, we’ll dive into the anatomy of a tablet and a laptop computer.


  • Keyboard. A tablet is usually a touch-screen with no keyboard attached. A touch-screen keyboard is available for use on the tablet only.
  • Size. A tablet is much smaller and much lighter than a laptop computer. The average laptop computer weighs five pounds; whereas, the typical tablet weighs one pound.
  • Functionality. A laptop computer is a portable computer. It performs all the functions of a desktop computer, but with a compact design. A tablet, on the other hand, is a computer but smaller and with less functions and is an all-in-one computer with no separate components.
  • Mouse. A laptop can have a mouse attached or you can use one remotely. A tablet cannot. A tablet usually comes with a stylus (Latin for pencil), which is a pencil that you can use to touch the tablet with.
  • Battery. A tablet’s charge or battery lasts a lot longer than a laptop computer. This is due to the fact that a computer requires more power to run all of its functions and capabilities. The battery of a laptop computer is also large, bulky, and removable. In a tablet, the battery has been shrunk down and is not removable.
  • CD/DVD Player. Most laptop computers have CD players. A tablet does not.
  • Hard Drive. The hard drive of a computer can be upgraded. Tablets do not have this capability.
  • Memory. The memory of a laptop computer can be added to. Again, tablets do not have the space to add to memory.
  • Ease of use. Laptop computers are easy to use, mainly because of the keyboard. Tablets can be quite complicated to navigate and figure out.
  • Screen. Laptop computers have a large screen. Tablets, being smaller, have a smaller screen.
  • Price point. Tablets are usually cheaper due to their smaller size and decreased capabilities than the laptop computer, but this is not always the case.

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